Hot Weather Makeup Hacks

It’s a real struggle to maintain a full face of glam in scorching weather. The summer sun can cause extra oiliness, creases and smudging – basically not the look we’re going for, we prefer glowing not greasy.

The current heatwave in the UK means we need to nail our hot weather makeup routine, and we need to do it fast, before this glorious sun disappears again.

So how do you keep your makeup from melting in hot weather? If you prefer a full-face glam kinda vibe or you’re a more natural gal, we’ve got the best hot weather makeup hacks that will seriously save your face this summer.  

Weather-Proof Makeup Tips

Prime, Prime, Prime

You’ve heard it before and we’re telling you again, you need to use a primer to achieve flawless makeup!

There’s no way your makeup is making it past 20 degrees without a decent primer as your base. Once you’ve cleansed and moisturised, apply primer with your fingertips (don’t rub it in too much) and your beauty base is ready.

For dry skin, Too Faced Hangover Primer is super dewy and keeps your skin feeling hydrated – without being greasy!

If your skin is oily, Benefit The Porefessional Primer holds your makeup all day long, plus it’s oil free.

Powder Under Foundation Makeup Hack

Powder Under Foundation

Powder first, then foundation. Yeah, we’re serious.

This is an industry secret that’s been circulating online for some time. Beauty guru Jackie Aina has been doing this for years honey!

After priming your skin, apply a light layer of translucent powder all over your face with a brush. Then apply foundation on top with a brush, sponge or however you like. Trust us, this creates the most flawless base that won’t budge all day, even in extreme heat.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder is your best bet to get the perfect powder before foundation results.

Stop Mascara From Smudging Hack

Powder Your Mascara

If you didn't already appreciate the powers of a good powder, check out this powder and mascara hack.

Using your fingertips, dust a small amount of translucent powder on your lower lashes after applying mascara. This prevents mascara smudging under your eyes when things are heating up!

Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

Setting Spray

Glam look complete? Time to lock it in with a setting spray.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is the OG of setting sprays and ensures your makeup is completely weather-proof and won’t budge. For a drugstore option, NYX Matte Makeup Setting Spray is a great dupe.

Sweat-proof Makeup for Summer

Lip Balm Instead of Lipstick

Lip liner and lipstick are a recipe for disaster in hot climates. No one wants to be touching up their lippy every 15 mins when it’s roasting outside. Leave your lipstick at home and opt for an effortless lip balm instead.

If you’re colour obsessed, pick a balm that has a bit of tint, like Vaseline Rosy Lips. This way your lips still look kissable without all the effort of a lipstick.

Now your makeup is totally sweat-proof and weather-proof, you can enjoy the summer sun whilst still staying glam. All you need now is a cute summer outfit and a cocktail!