How to Still Slay on a Night Out When There's a Heatwave
Can we talk about how glorious the weather has been recently? We don’t want the sunshine to end! It has been amazing actually having a small slice of summer in the UK – we certainly won’t forget this summer in a hurry! Between all the trips to the beach, BBQs in the garden and iced coffees when out shopping a girl has still got to have a few nights out here and there! The only problem is that rocking a full face of makeup, hair extensions and heels often don’t mix with 30-degree heat. We share all our top tips on how to still slay on a night out when there’s a heatwave, including some easy switches to your night out essentials.

Go for a barely there heel rather than a closed toe heel

There’s nothing worse than having your feet in closed toe shoes whenever it’s scorching outside. We love a ‘barely there’ heeled sandal for all year round, but it becomes even more practical when temperatures rise. We recommend always having a pair of barely there heeled sandals in a neutral shade such as white, rose gold or black in your wardrobe as a summer savior.

Rock a clip-in ponytail rather than a full head of clip-in extensions

A head full of big bouncy curls can add extra heat you really don’t need, so it’s time to switch it up with a new do and go for a smooth and sleek ponytail instead. Even if your hair is short there is a look which you can rock. We’ve got an amazing range of clip-in ponytails at Hair Universe that are super easy to apply and look totally gorge.

Prime your way to perfection

Makeup tends to melt when it’s really warm outside which is so annoying as we love spending time on our makeup before a night out. That’s why it’s important to wear primer under your makeup which will keep your makeup from sliding off your face.

Make powder a handbag essential

Regardless of whether it’s hot or not, powder is always a handbag essential when you’ve been out dancing all night and you break a bit of a sweat. Reapplying powder will instantly take that unwanted shine away and have you looking like a Goddess again quickly.

Choose a foundation with an in-built SPF

If you’re starting your night out early then it’s important that you choose a foundation which has a high SPF in it in order to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Not only will you be protected from sun exposure, but it’ll keep you looking younger too.

Lighten it up

Choosing an outfit for a big night out is always a tough decision, but in order to both look and feel cool we recommend that you change your ways for just one night only and forget about all black everything. Whites, nudes and baby pinks are the perfect choice for a heatwave, helping you feel much cooler.

Floaty styles are your friends

So we’ve already made you give up black for the evening, and now we’re recommending you give up bodycon too – we understand you’ll not be loving us right now! If you want to feel fresher on your night out, choose a dress or outfit which isn’t a tight fit. We recommend a skater style dress, or a midi skirt and bodysuit combo for ultimate sass. Do you love planning your night out outfits as much as we do? Then what are you waiting for? Head over to our party shop section and get yourself a slayin’ new outfit that’ll have you looking unreal come rain or shine! You’ll also love our blog post “10 Memes About Summer That Are Just Too Relatable” so get reading it now.