Top 10 Relatable Gym Excuses
We follow all the best fit-spo accounts on Instagram, we've bought all of The Body Coach books; a Nutribullet, protein powder the works. We've signed up to the best gym in town and we have our girls' holiday booked to Marbs in T-minus 4 weeks! Fast-forward two weeks and the books are buried in a kitchen cupboard, the Nutribullet is still in the box and we think the protein powder tastes funny. We've been to the gym twice- but the treadmill is boring and the stepper hurts our legs. We're still double tapping our fave fitness queens and wondering why we don't look like them yet?! There are just too many reasons that we just can't go to the gym today . . . 1. It’s Sunday! What kind of maniac starts working out on a Sunday? Monday is the day! I’ll start on Monday. 2. No headphones. How am I ever going to be able to motivate myself without music? 3. It’s raining. The gym is toooooooo far! 4. It’s nice outside! It would be criminal to waste the sun. 5. I’ve already worked out this week. I need to let my body recover. 6. It’s the weekend. Weekends are for pizza not exercise. 7. No hair bobble. DILEMMA. I can’t work out with my hair down. 8. No pound coin for the locker. Where will I put my bag? 9. I’m on a diet. I can’t exercise as well! 10. I’ve just fake tanned! I can’t gym and sweat my fake tan off. It will go all streaky! Can you relate?! Like and comment your fave excuses below!