10 Types Of Drunk Friend We've All Experienced On A Night Out

Which girl are you?

The Happy Drunk
The kind of drunk everyone likes to think they are; you’re all about having the best time and making sure everyone else is too! You’re always up for getting the rounds in and you love nothing better than getting the whole squad on the dance floor to make the most of the party. Hands up who wants jagerbombs?!
The Emotional Wreck
You might be the most emotionally stable person in the world on a day to day basis but once a bottle of wine (or two) has been consumed you’re pouring your heart out to anyone and everyone who will listen. Whether the topic is your ex you just can’t seem to let go of or your cat that died back in 2006 you’re always looking for a shoulder to cry on.
The Predator
You’re single, sassy and out to get what you want; literally no man is safe when you’re out on the prowl! You love being the centre of attention and in your eyes no night out is complete without getting your claws into at least one male victim. Why pay for your own drinks when someone else is so willing to do it for you?
The Disappearing Act
You’re the girl who for some unknown reason tends to vanish during random points of the night without telling anyone. You resurface 3 hours later with a bunch of hilarious stories involving people you’ve only just met but became best friends with in the toilets.
The Lightweight
We’ve all been this girl at one point or another but there’s always one in the group it tends to happen to the most! So pre-drinks went down and you got a little bit vodka-happy too quickly. You’ve made it to the first club but already your bestie is holding your hair back in the toilets, mascara is running down your face and you’re starting to wonder, why do I always do this to myself?!
The Hungry One
You start the night out with perfectly good intentions to last till’ 3am but despite the massive dinner you had just a few hours earlier, it gets to 1:30 and you’re absolutely craving a kebab, pizza, cheesy chips… basically anything edible within a 100 yard radius. And you won’t stop letting your friends know about it!
The Babysitter
You’re the mother of the group and although everyone appreciates you, you’re also quite often taken for granted. You love to party as much as the next person but totally feel you can still have an awesome time staying fairly sober! Looking after your mates is your number one priority and they all love you for it.
The Deep and Meaningful Drunk
So you’ve had a few cocktails and next thing you know you’re making your way round the group hugging everyone and telling them how much you love them, reliving for the millionth time the story of how you first met and how you’re sooo glad you ended up being friends. You just NEED to show them the love!
The Drama Queen
Drama tends to follow you around and even when it doesn’t you’re looking for any excuse to stir things up! You’re always the first to know the juiciest gossip and you aren’t afraid to dish the dirt after a few mojitos. If things start to kick off, everyone knows it’s probably down to you; maybe it’s time to chill out!
The Pusher
You’re always itching to drink up and move on to the next place so why isn’t everyone else?! Your intentions are good but your bossy nature tends to take over and yelling “DOWN IT!!” in people’s faces when they’ve literally just returned from the bar probably isn’t the best way to keep people in a good mood.