Hungry Girlfriend Problems We Can All Totally Relate To
Throwback to that first date awkwardness when bae ordered the steak, you swore you weren’t hungry and the side salad would do just fine as a main. Whilst he was sitting there absolutely loving life little did he know just how much your stomach was growling and when he offered you a chip it felt like all your Christmases had come at once! Now it’s three months down the line and all self-restraint has gone straight out the window: he knows your Domino’s order off by heart and doesn’t even bat an eyelid as you sit there powering through a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Here are the five struggles of having a hungry girlfriend; we can totally relate!
1. “Which half do you want?” … err well obvs the biggest?! If he doesn’t immediately offer you the bigger half then is he really your boyfriend? And don’t bother telling us they’re the both the same size… our hungry eyes can clearly see otherwise!
Jay Z And Beyonce
2. “We don’t have time for dessert, babe.” Saying there’s no time for dessert is like saying there’s no time for tanning before a night out; it’s just not a thing.
Eating Ice Cream Meme
3. “I’ve made us a salad…” Any man who thinks the way to a girl’s heart is through a salad will be sadly mistaken and any food which would otherwise be more appropriate for your pet rabbit just won’t roll with us.
Khloe Kardashian Eating
4. “I thought you were on a diet…” We also thought Brad and Jen would last forever but guess what, some things just don’t work out ok?!
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5. “But dinner’s in 5 minutes…” When did a little pre-meal snack ever hurt anyone? Don’t try and tell us it’ll spoil our appetite because we both know for a fact we’ll finish before you and still have room for dessert.
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