How to Accessorise a Floral Dress the PB Way
Searching for a super flattering wedding outfit? Something suitably sassy for a day at the races? Or maybe you’re filling your suitcase with day dresses that hone your holiday vibe? Simply slip into pretty petals and turn up the glam! Slay every time you style a floral dress with our inspo on looks that’ll blossom and bloom. Discover how to accessorise a floral dress below, because fabulous florals never go out of style.

Ensure colour is poppin’

how to accessorise a floral dress
If you’re out out or the sun is at play, it’s time to get those colours poppin’ with your choice of makeup and accessories.  Pull out a shade or two from your dress and let the Insta likes roll in. Start with one or two hues from the print or the background colour. Now you’ve got something to work with for your bag, barely there heels and your lipstick. Don’t forget about your manicure too; the next time you go to the salon make sure it’s the perfect accompaniment to your fancy florals. Finally, why not let your inner mermaid shine through with a temporary hair colour? Now where did we put those candy floss hair chalks…?

Be a bronzed beauty

how to accessorise florals
When your print is on point, a top tan is the ultimate accessory. Whether you’re a bronzer queen or devote every single Thursday night to fake tanning in order to be looking like an absolute weekend Queen, give your skin extra attention to get flirty florals down.

Don’t forget about on fleek finishing touches

how to accessorise florals
Florals for days we say! Channel a super summery vibe that’s guaranteed to turn heads by fixing flower hair clips into cascading curls, braids and fishtail plaits or reach for petal perfect hair bands.  For special occasions, such as prom, a wedding or a totally glam red-carpet event, slide a classic corsage around your wrist or on your clutch bag and be the belle of the ball!

Show that your love for jewellery is crystal clear

Yellow Floral Dress
Every girl works her own special brand of bling. But if your dress is all club Tropicana, your jewellery needs to back up its statement. Metallics always mix well with colourful prints so choose earrings in silver or rose gold.  And when you want really smokin’ night-time styling, reach for diamond studs or drop sparklers.

Let your hair do’ the talking

how to accessorise a floral dress
A bold and beautiful floral print was designed to be paired with big, bouncy hair. Luckily, we’ve got extreme volume hair extensions which guarantee a good hair day! Whether you want to add some extra length with an easy to wear clip in weft, turn up the volume with a ¾ wig or be perfectly polished with a clip in ponytail, we’ve got a wide variety of styles and colours. Ready to engage full on floral mode? Head over to our gorgeous floral dress collection now to get your styling started. Which print is on your payday hit list? Let us know by Tweeting us @PinkBoutiqueUK and make sure you tag us in your petal-powered selfies on Instagram too!