The 5 Types of Men You Meet on Every Night Out
You know us, there’s nothing we love more than getting glammed up for a big night out. If we could call picking out an amazing sequin dress, getting our tan on and slipping on the new pair of heels we’ve been crushing over for weeks a hobby we sure would. With the squad in tow, it’s time to share a bottle of Prosecco and put the plan in place for the big night ahead. When you and the girls are looking goals, we can guarantee that when you get to the club, you’ll not be alone. We discuss five types of guys you’re bound to encounter on a night out. Trust us, you’ll be familiar with some of these characters!
  1. Mr VIP

via GIPHY Loves to show off at every chance possible. Name drops every given second. He’ll lure you into the VIP area with bottles of Moet and Grey Goose, but then assumes that you want to spend the rest of the night with him and his endless credit card limit. A girl has got to drink but unless you’ve got the bants babe we don’t want to know.
  1. Mr Too Many Jagerbombs

via GIPHY Loves to party. Dances like your Dad. Wants to out drink EVERYONE. Naturally, will be falling over before midnight strikes. After drinking the bar dry he thinks he is utterly invincible, not to mention God’s gift to women. He won’t understand why you’re not more receptive to his robot dancing and endless pleas to become Snapchat buds.

via GIPHY Tries to flirt. Really can’t. He doesn’t let that stop him though. Keeps on stalking you the entire night even though you’ve told him you’re here for a night with the girls. Just when you think you’ve lost him with a token “I need to go find my friends” move, SURPRISE, he’ll find you again five minutes later with that creepy look on his face.
  1. Mr I’m About to Break Your Heart

via GIPHY A master of his art. The smoothest man you’ll ever meet. Probably the hottest man you’ll ever lay eyes on. Leaves you crying into your glass of Prosecco. You’ll instantly fall in love, then find him talking to another girl 10 minutes later. It’s harder to stay away from this chap than resisting a Dominos the day after, but trust us, you'll enjoy both at the time but instantly regret them after.
  1. The Lurker

via GIPHY About 20 years too old to be in the club he’s in. Gives you weird looks. Has no standards. Doesn’t take a hint. DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN YOUR PHONE NUMBER. WE REPEAT, DON’T GIVE THIS MAN YOUR PHONE NUMBER. He’ll send you some pretty questionable selfies all day long despite the fact you never ever respond. Do any of these men seem familiar to you? Let us know by Tweeting us @PinkBoutiqueUK, and don’t forget to tag us in your hottest night out PB selfies over on Instagram! If you and the girls are preparing for a big night out then look no further than our amazing collection of dresses, hair extensions, heels, and bags.