10 Ways to Deal with Your Love Island Withdrawal Symptoms
If you’re feeling anything like we are, we’ve got killer Love Island withdrawals. We don’t know what to do with ourselves come 9pm. We’re wondering where we’re going to get our outfit inspo from. We’re thinking about who we’re going to drool over now we aren’t seeing the Love Island boys every night of the week, because let’s face it, we don’t know when we are gunna see any oiled, bronzed six packs again. The grief is real.   via GIPHY We were inconsolable when Jack and Dani won after eight solid weeks of watching their every move, more so because we knew it was the end of our week nights as we know them. Our eggs really were in one basket. In order to help us feel less ‘mugged off’ we’ve put together ten ways to help you deal with your Love Island withdrawals below.  

Start again from season 1

via GIPHY Hell we’re gunna start from Celebrity Love Island! (you don’t remember that do you?!) Way back in 2015 we were obsessed with mega cutie Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark and Luis Morrison and Cally Jane still send our hearts into meltdown. Love Island 2016 exploded onto our screens and really fuelled our obsession with the reality dating show. Kady McDermot and Scott Thomas’ fiery relationship had us hooked and our all-time faves ever, Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen are total couple goals. We’re downloading now - we need our fix!  

Book a holiday

via GIPHY If we can’t watch the hot Love Island guys in short shorts every night we’re going to have to experience the real deal. Get us on that plane!  

Online shop

Our bank balances have been saved the last few weeks as we’ve been glued to the TV screen and not our mobile shopping apps. But now Love Island is over we need all of their outfits and need to fill our 9-10 slot doing something productive!  

Find the perf fake tan

via GIPHY We aren’t jel of the girls' tan at all – said no one ever. We’ve got 10 tans on order to perfect the sun kissed Mallorcan glow the Love Island lot got while in the villa! We'd rather fake it than take the risk of getting sunburnt Dr Love style.  

Find a new obsession

We know nothing will ever be good enough *cries*, but we do need that hour of chill before bed. . . When does X Factor start?!  

Download Tinder

via GIPHY All this real-life swiping left and right has got us thinking it’s time to take the plunge to find our very own Mr. Right. A few nice dates here and there won’t be too bad… Surely, we can bag ourselves a Jack or Wes on home turf?  

Stalk them on Insta

via GIPHY We just can’t cope not seeing the Love Island couples on a daily basis, as after all, we’ve invested all of our time getting to know about each and every one of them. Eight weeks watching their relationships grow (and breakdown), not to mention all those hours (OK days) stalking the internet and social media to find out every single thing about them – we need to feed our need!  

Work on that bikini body

via GIPHY OK, so if you sat down every night with various snacks like we did, your bikini bod won’t be so ‘bikini’ anymore. I mean, you can’t sit down for an hour and not go through a whole share bag of Maltesers while on the edge of your seat at the re-coupling. We’ve accepted our current state and promise to start using our gym membership again… We’ll start on Monday.  

Write your application for next year

via GIPHY Perfect that Instagram account, make sure your papped on your nights out and get in with all the famous faces. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  

Accept the inevitable and move on . . .

via GIPHY WAAHH. Roll on June 2019!