5 Reasons Why We’re Crushin’ on Stephanie Lam

We’ve been crushin’ on the ultimate babe that is Stephanie Lam for years now, so much so that she’s modelled with us on lots of campaigns including our trip to Marbella.

We were so excited when we saw her enter the Love Island villa, and although she didn’t find love in there, we definitely fell in love with her even more. We share five reasons why we’re crushin’ on Stephanie Lam below.

Her Glossy Locks




Summer vibes 🏝


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We’ve always been envious of Steph’s stunning hair. It’s so glossy and shiny she belongs on a shampoo ad! She also suits basically every hair style; we’ve done smooth and sleek looks, big and bouncy curls and half up, half down styles using Hair Universe when she’s been on shoot with us and she always looks completely flawless.

Her Stunning Face



I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a beautiful face! Steph’s big brown eyes, amazing lips and pretty features are just goals. We also love that she’s a natural beauty. When she flashes her smile it lights up a room. Some girls are just born with it.

Her Perfect Tan







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Being half Irish, half Malaysian, Steph has the most beautiful natural tan all year round. Unfortunately, we’re not all gifted like Stephanie, so we’ll have to stick to the fake tan to give us a golden glow for our next big night out.

Her Girl Code


My PB crew 💅🏼 never a dull moment @pinkboutiqueuk


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Being as stunning as Stephanie is, she could have easily entered the Love Island villa and tried to break up existing couples, but our girl Steph isn’t like that. Stephanie would always have another girl’s back and is a BFF you’d always want in your life.

Her Intelligence

Dress goals from my favs ✨


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Stephanie Lam isn’t just stunning, she’s clever too! Steph modelled for us when she was finishing her degree at Northumbria University where she studied Fashion Communication. She’s a determined and switched on babe which is why we admire her so much.

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