Crushin’ On: Abby Dowse
If you’re an avid Instagram user like us, then you’re bound to have come across the beautiful Aussie babe, Abby Dowse at some point. Think about the world’s most amazing beach body mixed with a blonde bombshell and you’ve got our girl! We would definitely swap lives with Abby at the drop of a hat, and we’ve got a list as long as our arm about all the things we love about her, but we’re going to share just a few of reasons below.

Her Aussie Lifestyle

Imagine waking up on the beach everyday of your life! Abby is lucky enough to live near the beach in Australia and of course she’s always there! With all of the miserable British weather we get here, we can only imagine how wonderful it is to wake up to wall to wall sunshine most of the year. And it means she gets to wear cute little summer outfits nearly all year round. She's also super lucky to be in easy reach of amazing holiday locations such as Bali and Thailand where she goes to vacay!

Her Beachy Hair

We adore Abby’s hair. When she’s glammed up ready to go out she always has big, bouncy curls as if she’s just walked straight out of the salon with a fresh blow dry, but she looks equally stunning when she’s rocking beachy waves. As if her hair looks that perfect having just been for a swim. This would never work as well for us, which is why we always have Hair Universe by our side to save us from a bad hair day.

Her Golden Glow

Doesn’t Abby have the most glowin’ tan? It’s so lush. She’s a bronzed Goddess and her tan is always so even. I guess this is yet another benefit of living in paradise in Oz! We’re off to buy all the fake tan now so we can look this dreamy. If only we didn’t have to reapply!

Her Perfect Body

Abby was born to wear a bikini, so she definitely lives in the right place. You can tell that she is a personal trainer due to her amazing body, and she’s also got the most enviable curves. Abby, please can you whip us into shape?!

Her Adorable Personality

Not only is she utterly beautiful and glam goals, but she is so, so lovely! We always see her commenting on other girls’ photos and giving them compliments, because after all, girls don’t steal each other’s crowns, they fix them. She is definitely the kind of girl we’d love to be best friends with. Want to see more of Abby? Then make sure you’re following her on Instagram! If she’s giving you summer inspo for your wardrobe, then don’t forget to take a look at our holiday shop to steal her style.