5 of the Darkest Fake Tans You Can Buy
If you’re anything like us, when it comes to your tan then it’s got to be DARK, DARK, DARK! We love to have an all-year-round tan, especially for big nights out so when summer comes around we’ve got to up the tan factor to ultimate bronzed goddess level. As we sadly have to rely on the British summer to give us a natural tan, fake tan is a beauty essential in our lives that we simply could never live without. With so many fake tan choices out there, but with only the darkest good enough, we’ve picked out five of our favourite in the deepest shades available.


With its distinctive coconut scent, we’ve been loving Bondi Sands for some time now. Who wouldn’t want to have a deep Australian tan? It glides on perfectly and doesn’t leave you looking tangoed in the slightest. We like the fact that it can be used on all skin tones too, showing different results accordingly. If only it came with one-way flights to Sydney too…


One-hour tan just got darker! Sometimes our tan needs to be topped up before a big night out when it’s not looking dark enough, and cocoa brown’s one-hour solution has answered our prayers by bringing out browner and browner shades. Despite the tan only taking one hour to develop, it can last up to a week and we’re delighted to hear that it’s not tested on animals.


With Kim K amongst Vita Liberata’s fans, you know you’re onto a top-quality product. Having used Vita Liberta for some time we can honestly say that it’s the only tanning product we’ve ever tried which fades evenly, meaning no patches as it starts to wear off. We’re so excited to hear that they’ve now brought out a foaming water (in super dark obvs), and the beauty of this product is that there is absolutely no risk of transfer if you’re wearing light coloured clothing or have a love of white bed sheets.


If you’ve got dry skin then using a dark fake tan can be a little daunting, but this fake tan offers an ultra-smart hydration system meaning that it’s a good choice for dry skin in need of attention. We love the fact that it dries in 60 seconds because of course, we’re always fashionably late for something. There’s no parabens or chemicals either meaning that it’s a clean and nutritious choice.


For when dark isn’t dark enough! Old favourite St Tropez has come through with an intense shade of tan that’s totally speaking our language. They recommend leaving it on for eight hours to ensure that it’s the darkest it can possibly be. One to apply on Tanning Thursdays! We love the unicorn-esque packaging, and it’s vegan-friendly too. This super dark tan also fades amazingly well - no patchy streaks left behind!

Got the dark tan, and now need the outfit? Summer’s not going to be complete without a brand spanking new wardrobe! Be sure to keep checking our new in every day so you don’t miss out on the cutest outfits around.