Worst fashion trends of the 2010s

Looking back at the past decade, there are so many timeless fashion trends that stand out. Styles like skinny jeans, headbands and jumpsuits are all things that we’ll happily be wearing into the 2020s.

But what about those flash in the pan fads that seemed like a good idea at the time, but looking back were probably a mistake?

We polled the nation to find out which are the absolute worst fashion trends of the 2010s and here are the 10 you’d rather forget.

Shutter shades

Credit: Instagram/@shuttershades

The least popular fashion statement of the 2010s was Kanye West-style shutter shades, with the fewest votes. Popularised by the rapper in the late '00s, the trend carried on into the '10s, becoming a staple at festivals and raves, but is not remembered fondly.


Credit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

While they may do wonders for Beyoncé on-stage, or Kim Kardashian in a photoshoot, most of us can’t really get away with wearing a leotard in our everyday lives.

Tiny sunglasses

Credit: Instagram/@bellahadid

A resurrected style from the 90s, tiny shades enjoyed a second life towards the end of the 2010s, seen on stars such as Bella Hadid and Rihanna. But the trend quickly died down after everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Anne Hathaway threw shade (pun intended).

Feathers in hair

Credit: Instagram/@thefeatherjunkie

A return to the bohemian trend, feathers in hair were popularised by free-spirited celebs at Coachella. But, like the flower crown, some things are best left for festivals.

Man buns

Credit: Instagram/@jaredleto

Man buns and top knots gained popularity in the middle of the decade as a response to the ‘short back and sides’ that so many men had at the time. The trend seemed to disappear as quickly as it came, so we don’t have to worry about guys borrowing our hair ties anymore.

Chunky sneakers

Credit: Instagram @_angel.louise

Athleisure is still a huge trend, so it’s no wonder that sneakers continue to be so popular. But let’s face it, these overly chunky numbers took things a little too far. With the sports luxe look, less is more.

Wedge sneakers

Credit: Instagram/@eshopper_ae

Equal parts sporty and glam, wedge sneakers seemed like the ultimate hybrid trend at the time. Looking back however, it doesn’t seem such a good idea to wear running shoes that would break your ankle if you actually tried to run in them.

Bum bags

Credit: Instagram/@eyo_africa

Another 90s throwback that enjoyed a resurgence in the '10s; bum bags are a great way to store your bits and bobs, but we’d rather a nice clutch any day.

Big eyebrows

Credit: Instagram/@caradelevingne

When Cara Delevigne’s modelling career took off, it was official: big eyebrows were in. But, with so many people trying (and failing) to recreate her iconic brows, the trend quickly passed.

Crop tops

Credit: Instagram/@loveofhuns

Now if we’re honest, we still love a crop top, no matter what anyone says. But you’ve got to know how to style it so you don't end up looking like Girls Aloud back in the day! The trick is to keep it simple and let the rest of your outfit do the talking, whether that’s with a cute jacket on top, or some glam accessories. And don’t forget, you can’t go wrong with co-ord.

So, those are the styles that we’re happy to leave in the last decade. But what are going to be the big trends of the roaring 20s? Chelsea Clark, Creative Manager at Pink Boutique, shares her predictions on what’s going to be big this year:

Coloured leather

One trend that we’re going to be seeing a lot of in 2020 is coloured leather. While we’re used to seeing leather in brown and black, this year we’ll be seeing it in a variety of colours on everything from skirts, jackets, tops and, of course, footwear.


Another trend that has been gaining momentum, this year we’re expecting big things from sheer. In tops, dresses and skirts, sheer materials are feminine and elegant with more than a hint of sexy.

Bold colours

Lighter pastel shades have been having a moment, and will continue to do so this year, but bold, brash colours will really come into their own in 2020. Loud and eye-catching, let’s let colour do the talking this season.

Statement sleeves

Whether bell-shaped, ruffled, fur-trimmed or off-the-shoulder, 2020 will be the year of bold sleeves. A statement sleeve can really jazz up any outfit, whether a casual top or a glam dress.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out our New In full on beauties to take you right through the first year of the 20s! We add new product in daily so keep 'em peeled for those new trends.