What to Wear to a Taylor Swift Concert

What to wear for a Taylor Swift Concert!

Your Top 10 Styles. 


Have you got plans to go and see Taylor Swift this year? Yes.. then we have the perfect outfit guide for you. Let's dive into the fabulous world of Taylor Swift fashion! Whether you're a long-time Swiftie or gearing up for your first Taylor Swift concert, finding the perfect outfit to match one of her iconic eras is an absolute must. Swift's journey through various musical phases and styles has given us iconic looks that perfectly capture the essence of each album. Explore a curated selection of outfits that channel the vibe of each Taylor Swift era.


  1. "Taylor Swift" Era (2006)
This era was all about country charm. Think sundresses, cowboy boots, and sweet, feminine touches. Our favourite is our Denim Goddess Blue Hot Fix Co-Ord set. With diamante detailing you're going to look glam and be serving that Taylor Swift country look.
  1. "Fearless" Era (2008)

Embrace the romantic vibes of this album era with lots of glitz and glam. We have the perfect Co-Ord for you! The Glam Sparkle Gold Sequin Co-Ord is the right one for you, Featuring a halter neck tie crop top and high-rise shorts with an elasticated waist, you'll be sparkling and shining everywhere.  

  1. "Speak Now" Era (2010)

Channel the whimsical storytelling of this album with our  Disco Fever Purple Sequin Skirt. This stunning purple skirt has metallic disc sequins, this piece is perfect for adding some wow. A touch of sparkle with some statement earrings will make sure you're looking like the perfect Swiftie.

  1. "Red" Era (2012)

This era was all about passion and intensity. Go for a bold red playsuit that makes a statement. Embrace the power of red. The 'At the Club' Red Sequin Stretch Playsuit is the one for you. It's bold, glam, and sparkly. Pair it with some fierce heels and a leather jacket for that perfect mix of sophistication and edge.

  1. "1989" Era (2014)

Welcome the pop vibes of "1989" with a Tassel Fringe Sequin Cami Dress. Look like a showstopper in this eye-catching Putting On The Ritz Hot Pink Dress. Slip on this dress and stand out! Remember the red lipstick for that classic Taylor Swift glamour.


  1. "Reputation" Era (2017)

Channel the darker, edgier side of Taylor Swift with our Prescilla Black Dress, it is the perfect match. Add some thigh-high boots and statement accessories to complete this fierce and bold look.

  1. "Lover" Era (2019)

For the romantic and dreamy vibes of "Lover," opt for a flowy midi skirt. Choose feminine hues like hot pink. The Cloud Nine Waterfall Mesh Skirt matches this description just right. Add some delicate jewellery and finish off with a pair of strappy heels for an effortlessly elegant look.


  1. "Folklore" (2020)

Capture the ‘Mirrorball’ aesthetic and be a Taylor song with our ‘Sugar Coated Rose Gold Sequin Crop Top’. This will give you the glam and extra look which every Swiftie needs. 

  1. "Evermore" Era (2020)

The Evermore Era explores the themes of love, loss, and nostalgia. This was a very personal era for Taylor as it represents her growth. We have the best outfit for this era. Look like Taylor and wear our 'Pretty In Plisse Orange Plisse Knot Midi Dress' to channel her orange outfit during the eras tour.

  1. Midnights (2022) 

Midnight's Era takes in the glam vibes, with lots of glitter, sparkle and pizzazz. If you want to embrace this era then the perfect mini dress for you is our ‘Midnight Shimmer Blue Long Sleeve Sequin Mini Dress’. It's the perfect combination of elegant, glam, and chic, with a sprinkle of sparkle


Remember, the key to nailing the perfect Taylor Swift concert outfit is to embrace the era's vibe and infuse it with your own personal style. Whether you're feeling whimsical, edgy, or romantic, there's a Taylor Swift era that's just right for you! So, go ahead, mix and match, and get ready to dance the night away in style at the concert!