What Shoes to Wear with a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a versatile favourite – whether you’re glamming it up with a shimmery, metallic number, working a day at the office in something sharp, stylish and stripy, or dressing down with a casual culotte, jumpsuits will take you from a day look to a night look effortlessly. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the town by storm or keeping it low key, Pink Boutique knows exactly which shoes to wear with jumpsuits to have you turning heads and looking flawless - whatever the occasion.

What to wear with a wide leg jumpsuit?

Pink Patent Court Heels

Wide leg jumpsuits are one of the most versatile jumpsuits – depending on the shoes you go for! Their flowy and comfy design can easily be dressed up or down to match the occasion – but it’s best to wear shoes that give you height to keep your legs looking supermodel long.

  • Keeping it casual: For a laid back look, put on some edgy, chunky soled trainers, so you still keep the height you need without looking too done-up.
  • Serious business: Style your wide leg jumpsuit with some comfy patent court heels to keep you looking business class from 9 till 5.
  • Glamming all the way up: If you’re rocking your wide leg jumpsuit on a night out with the girls, or any occasion that calls for some serious glam, go for some tall and chunky platform block heals for a seriously fierce look.

 What to wear with a fitted leg jumpsuit?

Pink Satin Pumps

When wearing a fitted leg jumpsuit, your feet are clearly visible – and your shoes will definitely make or break the look. Fitted leg trousers look best with shoes that expose the feet - think sandals, ankle straps, and adornments like stones and patterns to really take this outfit to the next level.

  • Keeping it casual: Style your fitted leg jumpsuit with some stand-out flats that don’t cover the whole foot to keep you looking effortlessly fabulous – you woke up like this.
  • Serious business: Slay your work look with some classy-yet-fun court heels that’ll turn heads in the meetings without going OTT.
  • Glamming all the way up: Grab your heels and turn this look out! Look for bold colours, gems and stones, but remember to keep most of your foot exposed – these studded, clear-strapped stilettos are perfect.

What to wear with a culotte jumpsuit?

Nude Court Heels

Culotte jumpsuits take the summer by storm – but look effortlessly cool all year round. Combining wide legs and three-quarter lengths, these jumpsuits MUST be paired with some killer shoes! But in terms of style, culottes look amazing with a range of heels and flats.

  • Keeping it casual: Culotte jumpsuits already have that effortlessly flawless vibe, but they need to be paired with some seriously clean kicks for the ultimate casual look.
  • Serious business: If you’re working in your culotte jumpsuit, take it from casual to executive with some fierce court heels for that boss babe vibe.
  • Glamming all the way up: Culotte jumpsuits have that laid back vibe – so to wake them up for a night on the town, go bold and shiny with some chunky metallic block heels.

 What to wear with a denim jumpsuit?

White Western Boots

Rocking denim can look both super chill and fiercely glam, depending on what you pair it with. With denim, it’s best to go with funky colours if you’re going for a retro, casual look, but neutral tones give of that effortlessly cool vibe.

  • Keeping it casual: Go for some sporty and fun trainers if you’re looking to give off that casual, comfy, yet absolutely on point look.
  • Serious business: Hit up the office feeling cool and creative by pairing your denim jumpsuit with some bright white ankle boots – these make a statement without a cringey colour clash.
  • Glamming all the way up: Denim jumpsuits can be elevated to ultra-glam with the help of some serious heels – these red croc court heels would complement blue denim perfectly, creating an unbeatable, fierce look.

What to wear with a patterned jumpsuit?

Cork Wedges

Patterned jumpsuits are the star of the show and can always turn heads all on their own – so make sure your shoe goes with the look and doesn’t clash. Keep it fairly plain – but absolutely not boring!

  • Keeping it casual: Most patterned jumpsuits turn you in to an effortlessly gorgeous beach babe when paired with a neutral cork wedge – and turn up the glam a little while keeping it comfy and casual.
  • Serious business: Some tan block heels will go well with a bold pattern without going totally OTT, so you can bring some colour and fun to your work day.
  • Glamming all the way up: To avoid clashes, look mega glam and stay totally on trend, match your patterned jump suit with some white barely-there heels for a stunning night-time look.

 Now you’ve got the shoes nailed, it’s time to pick out the perfect jumpsuit – check out our range of fabulous jumpsuits here! And don’t forget to show us your gorgeous selfies by hash-tagging #PBSELFIE on your socials.