We Try Costa’s New Pink Hot Chocolate

Pink chocolate!?? Take our money!

Costa Coffee Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate

Brighten up your next trip into town with this luxurious pink hot chocolate that’s now on Costa’s menu.

Obviously, we’re obsessed, it’s the most instagrammable beverage ever! But how does it taste?

Costa describes their new pink hot choc as “Fruity, creamy and indulgent” … wow.

Well, it’s made with ruby cocoa which is exactly what gives it a berry-fruitiness.

The fruity flavour works amazingly well with a classic chocolate taste, as well as the whipped cream topping.

They have also skipped a traditional garnish of mini marshmallows in favour of boujee shimmering chocolate curls.

You can also choose from a selection of milk options, including milk alternatives.

Our final verdict:

Instagrammability: 10/10
Toppings: 10/10
Taste: 9/10

We approve!

This pretty pink drink has made us forget about the gloomy weather, even if just for a moment.

Be warned, at the moment this is a limited-edition menu item! That means you need to get it quick if you want to try this cute concoction.

Pink Hot Chocolate

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