There is a Unicorn Café in Dubai and we need to go NOW!

So, we’re proud to admit it, we’re crazy unicorn ladies! If it’s got anything to do with unicorns you can guarantee that we’ll want a piece of the action.

We’ve dreamed about going to the Unicorn Beach , now we’re ready to take a trip to the absolute paradise that is Dubai to visit their newly open Unicorn café. Here’s everything we’ve found out so far about the Unicorn Café in Dubai.

The décor is the absolute cutest


Have you seen our new location?


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Pink velvet chairs, a flower wall, angel wings… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Can our house look like this please?

You can drink unicorn tears


How is your Sunday going so far?


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Who wouldn’t want a glass of glittery blue unicorn tears AKA lemonade to keep you refreshed in the Dubai heat?

You can get marble coloured waffle cones

Just when you thought that ice creams couldn’t get any better, they’ve now made ice cream cones in our favourite ever colours. They even come with a cute little unicorn horn.

Your cappuccino has a beautiful unicorn printed on it

We love latte art, but latte art with a unicorn…. NEXT LEVEL! Simply ask for ‘unicorn foam’ on your cappuccino to make your dreams come true.

Even their pasta is pink!





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Break his heart 💔


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Now this is our kinda pasta! This has to be the best lunch of all time. And guess what, thankfully no unicorns are harmed in the making of this dish. We also love the idea of breaking (edible) hearts... how much fun does this amazing pink dessert look?!

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to Dubai soon, then make sure that you visit the amazing Unicorn Café! If not, then make sure you’re following them on Instagram to get your next unicorn fix. We’re going to let you in on a little secret too, we’ve got some incredible unicorn products coming soon to PB, so make sure you keep checking our new in to grab them first before they’re gone!