How to Save Money in January so You Can Still Afford a New PB Dress!
Let’s face it, January is the worst.month.EVER! The festive cheer has flown back to Lapland with the big man. We’ve gained 10 pounds from all the turkey. Pay day feels a million miles away, and of course we need to be saving money for everything that 2019 will have to offer. But, don’t sweat, cos we’ve got a plan of how you can save money in January so you can still afford a PB dress as. After all, a girl's still got to shop and party. Join us as we go all Martin Lewis below on how to save money in January the Pink Boutique way.

Out with the old, in with the new!

via GIPHY It’s detox time! And we don’t just mean the whole ‘new year, new me’ malarkey, we mean new year, new wardrobe! One of the best ways to save money in January is to sell any unwanted gifts or items you don't really need anymore. Although 2019 might be the year you get the killer bod you've always wanted if you manage to get your beautiful little behind to the gym, it might also be time to think about getting rid of that dress that ‘will fit you one day’, so why not make some dollar from it? Selling on sites like EBAY is exactly the way our very own Boss Babe, Alice, started Pink Boutique, so who knows, you could become super rich! But, more realistically, you’ll be making money to be able to afford the new dresses that have just landed at PB and you'll have lots of wardrobe space that you didn't have before. An easy, yet practical New Year's resolution you could think about is having a small wardrobe clear out every month. Why not move any items you haven't worn in a few months to the front of your wardrobe at the beginning of each month, and if you haven't worn them by the following month then pop them on eBay or Depop? A super easy way to keep on top of your wardrobe.

Pre-drinking is the new cocktails!

via GIPHY Although January is super gloomy, us girls still love a good night out. I mean, we need something to look forward to amongst all the breaking of resolutions! But, instead of meeting for cocktails beforehand, why not pre-drink at home?! It means more time getting them eyebrows on fleek, you take full control of the tunes and it’s SO much cheaper! And if you want to go that extra mile in saving, so you can afford that sassy red dress that’s been sat in your wishlist for ages, then why not attempt dry January? But, a whole month without prosecco? Think we’ll just stick to the pre-drinks!

Hit the sales!

via GIPHY However, we’ve forgot the one good thing about January which is one of the best ways to save money – the sales! Need to update your classic LBD? Or fancy an iconic PB bodycon? Then, check out Pink Boutique for the most amazing discounts on your fave dresses! But hurry! If you want that going out dress at half the price, you best get shopping now! We occasionally run some exclusive app offers too, so make sure you've downloaded our app to save yourself some pennies all year round. Do you have any handy money saving tips? We want to know how to save money in January! Comment below or Tweet us @pinkboutiqueuk. Let's get sharing the money saving hacks so we can live our best January lives.