Reasons Why Having a Birthday in January is Actually the Worst
Let’s be honest, January is the worst month ever for everyone. No funds in the bank, dark cold nights, and the tasty treats have transformed themselves into lettuce leaves. But, it’s even worse for those who are unlucky enough to be born a Capricorn. Why, you ask? Well, where do we even begin?! Here are some of the reasons why having a birthday in January is actually the worst (and we’re sure there are a million more!)

You’re not financially able to afford who you really are

via GIPHY The struggle to try and make it to the end of the month with as little money as poss is real! Payday was a thousand years ago, and there are still another thousand years until the next one. So, get ready for them ‘I’m too poor’ excuses birthday girl, because no one can ever afford to celebrate in style for a January birthday!

Two words: Dry January

via GIPHY January is the time for new resolutions and another chance to try and start the year healthier, which means you can forget about a wild night out for your birthday because EVERYONE will be doing the dry Jan challenge! So, we’re afraid you’ll have to postpone those tequilas girl, looks like it’s detox time for you!

You've become a pig in a blanket

via GIPHY If we see another tub of Celebrations, we might actually vom (well except for the Maltesers Teasers because they are life). We’ve eaten our body weight in food and drank ‘til our livers could take no more. So, even if you’re the birthday gal, the last thing you want to do is get glammed up in your party dress. So instead, you’ll find us hibernating in our PJ’s with Netflix ‘til the Spring! Thank u, next.

2 becomes 1

via GIPHY Now, if you’re really unlucky and your birthday falls at the beginning of January, don’t be surprised when your Christmas present also becomes your birthday gift! Unlike everyone else who has a birthday in any other month, yours is too close to Christmas, so expect relatives to take great opportunity here to save themselves money! It’s actually the worst, we know! But we’ve got your back girl! Even though no one wants to celebrate with you, or buy you a separate gift, there is a reason why having a birthday in January is actually not that bad. Here at Pink Boutique we want to treat you with up to 70% off sale – Happy Birthday, babe!