How to Remove Fake Tan
There is nothing we love more than being tanned. That feeling when you’re looking glowing and sun kissed just can’t be beaten.

But let’s get real for a second – tan can go wrong, like, really wrong. Whether you’re an at home fake tanner or prefer a salon spray, there’s always a chance of a tanning nightmare, and when this happens YOU GOTTA GET IT OFF QUICK.

It’s not just in cases of tan tragedies that you need to remove your bronze. After a week or so, your fake tan will be fading and needs refreshed. We all know it’s best to start with a clean slate by getting that old tan off and prepping for your golden weekend glow.

We’ve tried some crazy things to remove tan over the years (honestly, crazy), so we can confidently say these methods are tried, tested and Pink Boutique approved! Save yourself from fake tan misery with the best ways to get rid of fake tan.


For times when “it’s not that bad”, a good body scrub will remove fake tan perfectly well.

Apply when your skin is damp and work in circular motions to exfoliate away unwanted dry skin and tan. Rinse off then apply your favourite moisturiser for sleek ‘n’ soft skin.

Using a gentle body scrub every day after tanning also helps it fade evenly and prevent those weird patches from forming. Trust us, a little exfoliation can avoid a total tan disaster!

Some of our top scrubs for maintaining a glowy tan are Soap and Glory Flake Away and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Scrub. Both are absolute bargains btw.


Baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil – seriously, whatever you have lying around the house. Oil is a great way to deeply moisturise and lift those patchy bits of fake tan right off.

Lather on the oil and leave on your skin for between 15-30 mins then soak it off in the bath. Having a bath works best as the combo of steam and oil lifts even the blotchiest areas of tan with little effort. Finish by gently exfoliating with a scrub or mitt and your skin will be feeling super smooth and tan free!


Work smarter not harder by investing in a decent fake tan remover - they really do make your life easier.

One of our absolute faves is the Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser. Simply rub on to dry skin, wait, then rinse. Instructions say to leave on for 5 minutes before showering, but we find 10-15 mins is what does the trick. For any pesky patches that won’t budge, scrub gently with an exfoliating mitt in the shower after you’ve applied the self-tan remover.

Now your tan is looking sleek, you just need some glowy makeup and a hot new outfit to see you through this summer in style.