How to Care for Your Hair Extensions Like Molly-Mae

I don’t need to go into who Molly-Mae is, we have all had a huge girl crush on her since she hit our screens at 9pm in the 2019 series of Love Island. Molly brought great drama, great style, but most importantly… great hair.

Ever since we have been lusting after her long, blonde, healthy locks and wondering how she kept it in such great condition in the villa. We at Pink Boutique have found the best hair extension tips for you lovely readers.

Never forget to brush! 

Brushing your hair is so important when it comes to hair extensions. Matted hair is not a vibe! Invest in a hair extension brush for smooth and sleek locks. We have linked a brush that will be perfect for all your extension needs. Thank us later girls! 

Say no to sulphates!

Shampoo with sulphates is so damaging for your extensions. Opt for a natural shampoo without any nasties for a silky finish. This is one of our favorites for extensions that are soft as silk   

At night

Never sleep with wet hair! Dry it out before bed and tie in a low ponytail. This saves your hair from getting tangled in the night and you can wake up with princess hair – just like Molly!


The key to get the Molly-Mae look is definitely styling. We are so envious of her gorgeous pin curls! Using a curling wand and some clips it is so easy to get the look. Just make sure you use heat protection girls! (P.S Molly-Mae herself has posted a range of YouTube tutorials on how to recreate her styles!)

Pamper your hair!

Make sure to apply a luxurious conditioning treatment once a week. You can even leave it in for a few hours whilst you do a work-out or binge watch Netflix. Your hair will thank you girls!

Well there we have it! Our five easy steps to care for your hair extensions and get the Molly-Mae look! Hope this helps girls! We are so excited for you all to have gorgeous locks.