How ‘A Cinderella Story’ was so Relatable to Every Girl!
14 years ago, we were blessed with the most iconic film of our teens – A Cinderella Story! I mean, Chad Michael Murray, a fairy-tale ending and the coolest fancy-dress party all in one movie?! No wonder it still holds a special place in our hearts! From memorable quotes to BFFL moments, here’s how A Cinderella Story was so relatable to every girl in the noughties.
    1. “Don’t let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game”

via GIPHY If this quote wasn’t on your Bebo skin, YOU WERE NOT COOL, because, let’s be honest, we lived by this quote in our hormonal, thinking-we-were-an-adult-when-we-really-weren’t days. As soon as that guitar ripped the wallpaper off those words, we definitely thought we had life all figured out! (Let’s all laugh together).
    1. We all knew a Shelby

via GIPHY You can still picture her now. That one girl in class with blonde hair and big boobs (still questionable that it wasn’t actually toilet tissue as padding) who had the dreamiest boyf ever! And yes, we hated her as much as we hated Shelby! What was Austin thinking?!

via GIPHY Don’t lie, Hilary Duff was your fave teen actor ever! I mean, she was Lizzie Mcguire and if that isn’t a good enough reason to idolise her, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS! And that’s why we related so much to her as Sam on SO many levels. Not being recognised by our crush (even with the teeniest, tiniest mask on)? Yeah, we felt it. Being major sassy cos we were sick of the most popular girl getting on our back? Also felt that.
    1. We all have a Carter in our lives

via GIPHY “Have no fear! Zorro is here!” FYI, the relationship between Sam and Carter was SO relatable to every girl, because we all have a BFF like him! “What? This is my Snoop-dizzle look!” – Funny “FYI Sam, yellow means slow down, not speed up.” - Keeps you alive "Anything is possible if you just believe." – And is ALWAYS there for you xoxo
  1. We thought we looked as good in fancy dress

    via GIPHY
One of the best scenes in cinematic history is 100% the fancy dress party. And we could so relate to the outfits because you thought you and your BFF’s looked just as good as Charlie Angels, or Cinderella, as Shelby and Sam did. But, let’s be honest, the resemblance to Dracula’s bride was more our thing! There’re so many other ways how A Cinderella Story was so relatable to every girl, but we’d be here forever writing all of them down! So why not comment on how A Cinderella Story was relatable to you?! And in the meantime, we’re going to head over to Pink Boutique for our latest Candy Casuals collection, full of denim dresses, cutesy two-pieces and girly tees to really get us in the Diner girl style!