VIPs ONLY: Pink Boutique Goes To Marbs
Team PB have just come back from an EPIC trip to Marbs where we shot our amazing high summer campaigns. We caught up with Anna, our Creative Manager to get the inside goss and all the behind the scenes action!
We can’t wait to hear what you all got up to on your week in Marbs! Was the villa really as unreal as the Snapchats? We were all so jel back at PBHQ!
It was TOTAL GOALS! We literally led the millionaire lifestyle for 5 days and it was sooo good. Everything was so high-tech though that we couldn’t even turn on a light without starting a mini rave. We didn't want to come home! We even got picked up on arrival by our host in his Barbie jeep! (Shout out to Silvio!)
So what was your favourite shoot from the week?
The first day had to be my fave! We got to go on a beaut yacht, drink all the champagne and lap up the sun whilst shooting our gorgeous Lavish Life campaign. All didn’t go so smoothly though as one of our models spent half the morning throwing up with seasickness (poor Steph, you sure it wasn’t the previous night's cocktails?)
PB Team On yacht
What else did you get up to when you weren't "working"?
We all got on so well so it was fab to grab dinner in Puerto Banus or just chill out in the villa at the end of a long shooting day with the full team. We would celebrate in the hot tub with a glass of bubbly (or two) and a ham sarnie - so classy! It wasn’t all fun and games though when we had to spend the morning cleaning ham and fake tan out of the hot tub!
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We saw on the models' Snapchat stories you had a wrap party on the last night. We want all the details...
We all cooked a gorgeous dinner on the last night and then got glammed up PB style for a ‘civilised’ night out in Puerto Banus. Things escalated quickly when several free bottles of champagne and vodka were brought to our tables (the perks of partying with PB models) so we didn’t end up back at the villa until after 5am! Safe to say our heads weren’t too great flying back to the UK the next morning.
PB Bikini
Come on then, any major dramas? Lost luggage? Model overboard?!
Well, the final morning was like the scene from Home Alone when the Mum realises she’s forgotten Kevin… Polly had to fly back to London at 8am and we all woke up (still drunk) to a ringing doorbell. In a mad panic, we stood banging on her apartment door to get her up for her taxi. Then we couldn’t find the keys for the main gate so poor Polly found herself crawling through a gap in the hedge with her luggage! What a nightmare! We all absolutely howl looking back at it now. Definitely a PB trip to remember!
PB Models BTS