There is dog which looks exactly like Paddington Bear and we’re IN LOVE!

We loved the Paddington movies, they completely melted our hearts.

They brought back all sorts of nostalgic memories from our childhood, and isn’t Paddington just the nicest bear that ever existed? If there’s one thing we love more than a feel-good movie, then it’s dogs. Any kind of dogs. Big dogs. Small dogs. Hairy dogs. We just love dogs. So, you can imagine our reaction when we discovered that there is a little dog out there that looks like the twin of Paddington Bear. He even wears a blue duffle coat and a red hat. Here’s everything we know about the Paddington Bear dog, AKA Bertie the Pom.

He was adopted from a shelter

Feeling buff in my new tank top 💪🏼#Bertinashirt #chocolatepom #pomeranian

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Just like Paddington was adopted by Great Aunt Lucy, little Bertie or Bertram as he is officially known as was adopted off from a shelter in Oklahoma. You can tell how much his new owners adore him, and we’re so, so jealous that they’ve got such an adorable little doggy in their lives.

His Paddington costume made him an internet celeb

Bertie had been living the Insta life for some time, sharing snaps of him having the best time, but it wasn’t until a photo was shared of him in his Halloween costume that he became an internet sensation. THE photo now has over 75,000 likes on his Instagram account, and there are articles about him on all the big news sites. If you ask us, he’s dealing with his new-found fame just fine.

He loves going around NYC in his bicycle basket

What better way to take in the sites of the Big Apple than by Bertie-basket on his owner’s bike? You can tell he’s totally loving it and we’re sure that he gets ALL of the attention when he’s out and about.

He’s super stylish

Whether he’s rocking a bow tie, a flower crown, sunglasses or a tie, you’ll be guaranteed that Bertie will always be dressed for the occasion. Nothing will ever top the Paddington outfit for us though obvs...

He looks like he’s smiling… ALL THE TIME!

Doesn’t he just look so happy all the time? What a little ray of sunshine! When he sticks his tongue out he looks like he’s flashing you the world’s biggest smile. How could he not make you happy too? He loved watching him take a swim in his ‘cool pool’ during the hot summer days, it couldn’t not bring a smile to your face.

Do you love little Bertie as much as we do? Then make sure you’re following his Instagram account! We can’t wait to see what he wears next – I mean can he ever top the infamous Paddington look?!