The Most Adorable Halloween Costumes for Babies We've Ever Seen

The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes You’ve Ever Seen

Is there anything cuter than a baby at Halloween? We think not! Long gone are the days of styling up a black bin bag – it’s all about having the best Halloween costumes that make you look frightfully fine. And why shouldn’t looking totally adorable at Halloween start at a young age? From perf little pumpkins to cute little chickens, join us as we take a look at the cutest Halloween costumes for babies on the internet!  

Baby Flamingo


FLAMINGO-ALS! HOW CUTE IS THIS COSTUME #pinkboutique #pbhairuniverse #pinkboutiqueuk

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Talk about ultimate flamin-goals!


Baby Kinder Surprise Costume


HOW SWEET?! #pinkboutiqueuk #pbhairuniverse #pinkboutique

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Possibly the sweetest thing you’ll ever see?  

Baby Pumpkin

Your little pumpkins have never looked so beaut.  

Baby Unicorn


@evemayrand #babyfancydress

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We really do believe in unicorns!  

Baby Pineapple


Happy Halloween! Addie enjoyed handing out candy!! #adelaidemayschuetz #babypineapple

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You mean fineapple?  

Baby Cookie Monster

We’re crazy for cookies!  

B00-utiful Baby Ghost

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