The Best Workouts on Youtube

Let’s get physical!

Time at home can be hard, but exercise is a great way to make you feel good and get those positive vibes flowing.

Youtube is the ideal place to find free workouts and we’ve picked the best of the bunch for you try out from your living room.

So, get your gym gear on and let's start building those summer bods ready. We’ll be booking holidays in no time!

This super fun cardio workout is just what you need to get your heart rate going.

The best part? It's less than 15 minutes! You can squeeze it in anywhere in your day.

Workout your full body in 30 mins with this circuit.

If you enjoy this at home workout, this video is part of a fun 4 part series so there's plenty more!

This workout is all about building your booty!

Feel the burn as fitness guru Kelly takes you through these butt and thigh exercises.

If you've never tried yoga, then girl what are you waiting for!?

It's an amazing way to de-stress and relax your body. Thank us later.

Spice up your life with this fun Latin dance workout.

Who knew it was this easy to enjoy cardio!?

Need some motivational music to get you through your next workout? Check out our PB workout playlist on Spotify.