Pink Boutique’s Favourite Christmas Films

It really is the most wonderful time!

As the weather gets colder, we're planning on snuggling up, cracking the rosé, and putting on loads of Christmas films.

But how could we ever pick a favourite!?

To help us decide once and for all, we took a poll in the PB office.

Here are the results...


Deck The Halls

Go OTT on the decorations with the Hall family.

We would also like our house to be seen from space.


Polar Express

Our HR manager has a soft spot for this heart warming animation.


Christmas with the Kranks

How could you even think about skipping Christmas 😱 isn't that against the law??


Miracle on 34th Street

It's silly, but we believe too!!


The Santa Clause

There's major new job, new you vibes for Scott... literally.


Jingle All the Way

Don't worry Arnie, we've forgotten Christmas gifts too.

But we usually just grab some chocolates at the shop on the way...


The Holiday

A Christmas film AND a love story!? Pass the wine...


The Grinch 

Our spirit animal in so many ways.


Home Alone

This 90's comedy makes it on to our screens every Christmas!

And we quote it all year round.

First place in the Pink Boutique office (and taking 30% of the vote!) is...



Buddy the elf was our favourite Christmas character at PBHQ by a mile!

Do you agree with our list? 

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