Our Fave Ever Celebrity Wedding Dresses

From Katie Price’s pink meringue to Kate Middleton’s graceful masterpiece, celebrity wedding dresses are our guilty pleasure! From the good, the bad and the (extra) ugly, when it comes the celebrities, they know how to WOW! Here’s our top 3 fave ever celebrity wedding dresses that we know you’re gonna love (but you might want to ignore the price tags..)!

Meghan Markle

It’s no surprise that Meghan Markle makes our top spot for our fave celeb wedding dresses! Let’s be honest, we all dream of being a real life prin one day! Of course, she didn’t just have one stunning wedding dress, she had two, making it a double reason why it’s our fave celeb wedding dress of all time! Proving that there is beauty in simplicity, Miss Markle unveiled a classic style in both of her Stella McCartney dresses, and if bae thinks we’re only having one dress at our wedding... he can think again!

Billie Faiers Wedding Dress

The only way is… Billie Faiers! This gorgeous lace dress is to die for! Choosing a classic fishtail design with crystal embellishment and a plunging neckline, it literally is a fairytale dream! Complimented with the backdrop of the Indian ocean and a stunning sunset, I think we know exactly how we'll be saying 'I Do'...

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress

We couldn’t leave out the reality queen herself, Kim K. The Givenchy creation from her marriage to Kanye was the perfect combination of elegance and sass, something every PB gal channels! And her Vera Wang, from her first-time round, was just as magical, even though the relationship might not have been! But, if you’re wanting to channel major Kim K vibes for your own wedding, we suggest you start saving - both dresses combined are estimated to be worth over half a million!

If you’re about to get married, are already married, or never want to get married, we can all still admire the many wedding dresses that have taken the trip down the aisle. If you’ve got a favourite celebrity dress, or want to show off your own stunning photo from your big day, then tweet us @pinkboutiqueuk!

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