Which ‘New Year, New You’ Girl Are You?
With a New Year in sight, it’s always good to have some resolutions in mind in order to create a better and brighter you. Although we all have good intentions, temptation often gets the better of us. Every single year without fail we set resolutions we all want to achieve, but admittingly never see them through. Looking back on all of our failed resolutions, we’ve picked out some of our most infamous attempts and compiled them below. So, if you’re setting yourself a resolution, which of these ‘New Year, New You’ girls are you?

The “I’m Going to the Gym EVERYDAY” girl

via GIPHY THE DREAM: Having devoured the entire world during the Christmas season, slipping into your sequin jeans and bodycon dresses starts to become a bit of a challenge come January. As a result, you’ve now found yourself signed up to a yearly gym membership, (of which you’ve promised yourself you’d go to daily), you’re drinking nothing but blended kale and you’ve fallen victim to the latest celeb workout video. THE REALITY: Come the second week of Jan you’re back to the sofa life with Dominos on speed dial.

The “I’m Never Having a Drink Again” girl

via GIPHY THE DREAM: You’ve had a few too many glittery Proseccos meaning that you’re wanting to start the year off the right way with a booze-free new beginning. After a long day at work with far too many meetings, you go to reach for a white wine but resist, opting for a glass of sparkling water instead. You know deep down the hangover and calories aren’t worth it. THE REALITY: You’re itching to get your party dress and heels back on for a big night out come January payday, which means only one thing DRINKS, DRINKS, DRINKS!

The “I’m Never Going Shopping Again” girl

via GIPHY THE DREAM: You’ve been to the sales and resisted all of the bargains, and arrived home smugly knowing that you’ve got your steps in by racing around the shopping centre. When the “ending tomorrow” emails drop into your inbox, you simply browse. This is the year that you keep your spending under control and have the streamlined wardrobe of dreams. THE REALITY: You’ve bought a feather handbag and some sequin thigh high boots which are unreal, but probably not the most practical of purchases. And you’ve got 0.05p in the bank.

The “I’m Giving Up Social Media” girl

via GIPHY THE DREAM: Gone are the nights of posting photos on Snapchat when you’ve had a few too many. You no longer lose hours of your life looking at memes and tagging your friends in them. You no longer know everything about Sarah from high school’s trip to Dubai in 2011, because you’re actually living life! THE REALITY: Your Insta account gets reactivated within two hours and you’re breaking out in a cold sweat thinking about what you might have missed on Snapchat.

The “I’m Going to Get Over my Ex” girl

via GIPHY THE DREAM: New year, new man! You’ve finally decided to give Tinder your all and you’ve got three smoking dates lined up. As a result, you’ve now realised the amount of time you wasted with your ex and you never want to speak, think or even acknowledge his existence ever again. THE REALITY: You’ve not been able to resist the dreaded “you up” text at 3am on a Saturday night. You might not be able to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, but a new wardrobe is something you can definitely get on board with to create a better you! Keep checking our ‘new in’ section for our freshest styles daily!