National Pink Day: 10 Reasons Why Pink is the Best Colour That Ever Existed
Happy National Pink Day! We don't only wear pink on Wednesdays, we wear it every day! When we heard there’s a whole day dedicated to our favourite colour, of COURSE we had to celebrate it! Channeling our fave spirit animal Elle Woods, arriving at Harvard in head to toe pink in Legally Blonde, we love everything about the colour pink. From pink clothes to pink hair, we are embracing everything pink today! We aren’t kidding when we literally say that pink is life. Join us as we discuss every single reason why we are obsessed with pink!
    1. It's the perfect colour to wear for summer!

  Whether you’re going on your hols, livin’ it up at a festival, or just relaxing in a beer garden on a summer afternoon, we have every reason to believe that pink is the ultimate colour that you should be wearing this summer. You can shop many of our pink dresses, playsuits and co-ords on our website!

2. When in doubt, pink it out - it makes the best looks!

We aren’t joking when we say pink adds EVERYTHING and it makes the most amazing makeup and hair looks! Do we even need to discuss how insanely gorge the talented Holly Boon looks here? We 100% think everyone should own a pink wig.

3. Because it makes the best makeup and glitter for festivals!

Who doesn’t love glitter when it comes to festivals? We ADORE it here at PB and of course pink glitter is our favourite kind of glitter! You’ll make everyone green (or pink) with envy when you’re slayin’ on Insta with a pink makeup and glitter look. You can shop our beauty collection on our website.

4. Because it makes the most amaze cocktails!

Ultimate cocktail goals: a tree of cosmos. Pink cocktails are by far the tastiest, and the most Instagrammable. I mean, they are basically just juice, right?

5. Because who doesn't love getting drunk off pink gin?

OMG NEED! 🌈 💗 🍸 @the_kiltippercafebar #pinkboutique #pinkboutiqueuk

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Pink gin is by far the best trend to come out of 2018. If 2016 was the year of realizing stuff, this year has been the year of pink gin, and we are fully in support of this trend.

6. Because flamingos are a vibe.

Flamingos are absolutely everything we want to channel. Living on a tropical island, constantly basking in the sun on the beach, and ofc pink head to toe. They are truly living their best lives.

7. Because being a pink princess is the DREAM.

Не переживайте, ни один бишон не пострадал)) Просто в наши безумные головы с @kpalamarchuk пришла мысль помыть Масю оттеночным шампунем и результат получился очень мими)) Уже после следующего купания вернётся прежняя белоснежность, а пока у нас есть неделя поумиляться 😂😂 Каждый раз, проходя мимо, моё лицо расплывается в улыбке😊 Теперь надо придумать какую-нибудь прикольную съёмку))) #davines #pinkdog #bishonfrise #розоваясобака

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It doesn’t matter how old you are, we all want to be a pink princess and live that insanely extra life.

8. And of course, every princess needs a pink palace.

OUR DREAM LITTLE GIRL'S ROOM 💗 👶 👑 #pinkboutique #pinkboutiqueuk

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It certainly makes the most stunning addition to any room. We can’t be the only ones who have pink in our rooms, on our work desks and in our cars?

9. They make the best nail colour!

When we see memes of how hard it is to pick a nail colour, we can totally relate – which shade of pink do I go for next?

10. Pink, unicorn cupcakes? YAAAAS!

These cakes are honestly what our dreams are made of. Pink AND unicorns, what more could we ask for? PINK FOR DAYS! Do you love pink as much as we do? Then make sure you check out our Instagram for more pink inspo and love on this absolutely fabulous day!