Mercury in Retrograde: What Does it Mean and How Do I Cope?

If you’ve been feeling a little weird recently, or strange and inconvenient events have been occurring, then you may want to look at Mercury with side eyes 👀.

Mercury began its first retrograde of 2020 on February 19th and for anyone who’s interested in astrology, we know this means business.

Mercury Retrograde Meme

What does this even mean?

To retrograde basically means to move backwards. But Mercury isn’t actually moving backwards, it just looks like it is.

Due to the speed planets orbit around the sun, they can sometimes lap each other. When mercury laps Earth, it appears to be moving in the other direction – get it?

So why is it causing such chaos?

In astrology, it is believed that the planets rule different aspects of life here on Earth. Mercury is responsible for communication and transportation.

This covers thing like your phone and your car.

So, once the planet starts moving backwards, we can expect parking tickets, weird texts from exes, jokes taken the wrong way etc.

Mercury Retrograde Meme

OMG, this sounds like hell. How do I cope?

It's not as scary as you think. But there are ways you can be extra cautious during Mercury retrograde to ensure you don't get caught in the confusion.

The most important thing for all astrological signs is to BE PATIENT. Making plans and decisions isn't going to be easy during this time.

You probably won't be able to round up your friends for that night out you were hoping for. Instead of feeling annoyed and leaving the group chat, tell your pals you can do another time.

It's also best not to sign any contracts or make important agreements - especially verbal agreements! - as something is sure to be misunderstood.

A quick round-up of your retrograde survival kit so far: Be clear in communication, be patient and don't agree to too much!

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You may also find that Mercury retrograde is a huge disruption for technology and electrical devices.

In the past we've seen some of the big social media platforms, like instagram and whatsapp, go down during a Mercury retrograde.

Make sure you save your work, be careful with coffee around your computer, and for God's sake, buy a phone case!

Mercury Retrograde Meme

We also need to be extra careful with transport during Mercury's retrograde.

If you're due to fly anytime soon, look for your passport immediately and keep it safe.

Double check the times of any flights or trains and make sure you can get to the airport or station in good time.

A portable charger will be your best friend as you can expect plenty of delays and long layovers - you'll need your phone alive to keep you sane.

Don't let this stop you from travelling during Mercury in retrograde as it can actually provide some much needed relief from chaos. You just need to be extra organised!

Does anything good happen during Mercury retrograde?

Of course! It's not all a nightmare.

It often allows us time to step back and reassess situations. When something doesn't go right the first time, we can make it even better.

Mercury in retrograde can highlight things that aren't quite right and give you the opportunity to fix them.

It's also a good time to re-organise. You might want to clean out your wardrobe or organise your makeup. 

When will Mercury retrograde end?

Calm is restored when Mercury returns to its normal orbit on 9th March (set an alarm).