How to Insert a 3/4 Wig
If you are slightly apprehensive about wearing a ¾ wig, then you really shouldn’t be! Ever wondered how to insert a 3/4 wig? A ¾ wig, or hair boost as we call them at Hair Universe, offers instant volume and length, meaning you can have a good hair day without the hassle. They are super easy to apply and look really natural so you can guarantee that all of the compliments will come rolling in. We show you how to apply a ¾ wig below through our easy to follow step by step process.


  1. Part your hair from ear to ear at the top of your head.
  2. Backcomb the hair at your crown so that it will sit better.
  3. Depending on how long your natural hair is, either tie it back or pin back in a low ponytail so that it’s out of the way. This will not be necessary for longer hair.
  4. Slide the upper clips in the top of your hair at the top of where you have made a parting. Ensure that it is secured safely.
  5. Do the same with the bottom clips, ensuring it is sitting tightly at the hairline at the top of the neck. Some ¾ wigs also have a toggle closure to tighten it – use this as required.
  6. Now blend your natural hair you left at the front over the join of the wig by brushing and styling. Using a plaited hairband is another easy way to ensure that the join is not overly visible.
  7. Hair with a killer outfit and be prepared to turn heads!
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