How to Wear Heels Without Your Feet Hurting

So here’s a question we’ve been wanting to know the answer to for many, many years.

How can we wear a pair of sky scraper heels that make our legs look unreal without our feet hurting several hours into tearing up the dance floor? We’re not going to lie, we have a love hate relationship with heels, but there is absolutely no way that we could ever imagine life without them. As a high- heel professional (now there’s a title we’re proud of), there’s a thing or two we know about wearing heels. We share some of our top tips on how to wear heels without your feet hurting below.


Look for a block heel


Stilettos are super sexy, but a block heel is bang on trend at the minute, and is a much more comfortable choice. A block heel means that there is less pressure applied to the back of your foot meaning less pain. Also, you’re probably less likely to fall over mid dance move…

Don’t forget your party feet


Party feet were an absolute revelation when they were invented about ten years ago. We didn’t know how we lived without them before. These days they are still as handy as ever, and an essential to put in your shoes to ensure that there’s a bit of a spring added to the ball of your feet.

Put some tissue on your pressure points


If you’ve forgotten your party feet, then it’s time to head to the toilets. Grab some toilet roll, crumple it up and if you’re wearing court shoes then you can add this as extra padding so that you can get an extra hour in on the dancefloor.

Try a barely there


Sometimes a pointy heeled shoe can hurt or squeeze your toes making it a little uncomfortable. If you choose a barely there or open toe high heeled sandal this means that your toes will be free from pain. Try to find one with a block heel if possible, for an even comfier choice.

Have an extra prosecco


Pass the prosecco please! An extra prosecco will definitely help you forget all about your tired, sore feet. Get another round in for the girls and request your fave song at the DJ booth and you’ll quickly be distracted.

If all else fails, follow our heroine’s example….


Having an absolute shoe nightmare with absolutely no resolution in sight? Then it’s time to follow our night out heroine’s example and take them off. If you’re lucky enough to have a knight in shining armor with you (and the situation has hit maximum level of desperation) then they might even let you wear their shoes (although do you really want to be rocking a pair of size 10s?!) Whether you decide to wear McDonald’s bags as replacement shoes is completely up to you though…

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