How to Wear a Denim Dress in Winter

Denim dresses have been a wardrobe staple since Britney and JT double denimed on the red carpet – because yes, we wanted to be just like them!

But, we’re guilty of throwing them to the back of our wardrobe until summer and opting instead for a standard chunky knit and jeans combo to see us through the bleak mid-winter. However, you can still dress super glam, yet stay cosy, in a denim dress and here’s how to with our guide on how to wear a denim dress in winter!

Over the knee boots

It’s now 100% acceptable to wear a mini denim dress in winter thanks to the saviour that is over the knee boots! Opting for a thigh-high boot means you don’t have to worry about your legs getting chilly and you can still wear that cutesy denim dress and look mega on-trend! And even better, there’s over the knee boots to suit everyone’s style – from flats and block heels, to statement stilettos, strut major sass in your mini dress this winter.


Another way to wear a denim dress in winter (without catching frostbite) is to layer! This tip is perfect if you own a sleeveless denim dress, like dungarees. All you have to do is simply wear a long sleeve top underneath (a PB fave is a roll neck top) and you’re good to go!

Long sleeve dress

Alternatively, if wearing a top underneath your denim dress in winter makes you feel a bit too bulky, then we suggest wearing a long sleeve denim dress. This paired with some ankle boots and a baker boy hat would look so glam, yet so perf for those winter days!


Of course, let’s not forget our day one, winter lifesaver – TIGHTS! But you’re not restricted to plain black styles anymore. A cute pair of polka dot tights will really give your denim dress an edge, as well as keeping you toasty! So, you’ve got no excuse to not wear a denim dress this winter. Head over to Pink Boutique to check out our new collection, ‘Candy Casuals’, to be a denim queen this season.