How to Walk in Heels: Slippers to Stilettos

We salute the queens who haven’t hung up the heels all lockdown but if like us you’ve spent most of your lockdown days in slippers, we’ve put together this handy guide of top tips to ease back into it. Don’t worry babes we’ve got you!

Swan Slippers

Tip 1: Don’t go too high too soon.

We don’t want to send any of our PB babes’ home with broken ankles so shelf the stilettos for now and start with a shorter kitten heel, like our gorg ‘Party Gal’ barely there’s or perhaps a sturdy block like our best selling ‘Rock Steady’ studded heels.

Nude Kitten Heels

Tips 2: Start training now.

You have until April 12th to prep for your first post lockdown day drinks so take advantage of this time! Start walking around the house in heels for at least half an hour a day – remember huns, hard work pays off! Your feet may be hurting now but you’ll thank us after that first night back on the dancefloor!


Tip 3: Teach yourself to walk again.

Posture is everything when walking in heels so shoulders back and down with your arms relaxed so they can slightly swing with your walk to help balance you.

Loosen up – don’t lock your legs, have a slight bend in the knee and your legs close together as you walk.

Heel to toe, heel to toe. Remember walk heel first then to toe, with toes pointed directly ahead.  

Finally, don’t rush – slow and steady wins the race!


Now you should be ready to strut your stuff but if all else fails, stock up on blister plasters and if you fall – fall in style and get back up with grace!