How to Make Glitter Stick to Your Face
Have you been crushin’ over all of the slayin’ Coachella and Ibiza makeup looks on Instagram? Then you’re bound to be loving all of the glitter which is EVERYWHERE! We wish we could rock face and all over body glitter at work, but festivals and beach clubs are sadly our only opportunities. Some of the glitter makeup looks we’ve been taking inspiration from require some serious MUA skills, but we’ve got to start with the basics. We share our top tips on how to make glitter stick to your face below.
  1. Choose your favourite loose glitter in the shades you love. Chunky glitter will give you better coverage, but finer glitter can create some amazing shine. Why not try mixing different colours and textures together? We love GlitterEyes and stock a selection of their glitters. Don’t consider using glitter you’d get from an arts and crafts shop, this potentially could be damaging to your skin and is dangerous if you get it in your eyes.
  2. Here’s our biggest secret; the best way to get your glitter to stick to your face is to use this beauty essential – Vaseline. You might want to get a new tub unless you don’t mind getting some glitter in your Vaseline. Glitter lip-gloss anyone?
  3. Swipe a generous amount of Vaseline over your cheekbones and anywhere else you want to apply the glitter on your face.
  4. Using either your hand or a brush (depending on how messy you’re willing to get!) start applying the glitter to where you’ve applied the Vaseline. It should start sticking to where you want it to be.
  5. Brush off any loose glitter to ensure that it doesn’t transfer to your clothes or anywhere it shouldn’t be.
  6. Pair your glitter-tastic look with a sequin bodysuit and cute shorts for a festival-ready look!
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