How to Look Glam at a Festival
Attending a festival soon, but not looking forward to the lack of showers and all of the mud? We totally get you. We also understand that as a fellow PB girl you’ll be wanting to look your best, even if the elements are against you! We share some of our top tips so that you can slay at the next festival you’re attending. Here’s everything you need to know about how to look glam at a festival…
  1. Bad hair day? Hair Universe is here to help!

howtolookglamatafestival Want to look like you’ve just left the salon with a bouncy blow dry, but in reality, you’ve not been able to wash your hair for days? Then you’re going to need a ¾ wig by Hair Universe. These are so easy to wear, and cover ¾ of your scalp making you look like your hair is freshly washed. Everyone’s going to be wondering how you’re looking so on fleek by day three of the festival. Read our blog post here on how to insert a 3/4 wig.
  1. Be daring with denim

howtolookglamatafestival Denim has long been a festival staple, but at Pink Boutique we don’t do ordinary, so we think that you should be wearing an unreal embellished denim jacket over your chosen outfit. Looking for an extra pair of shorts? We’ve got some which have amazing detailing – we’re even talking embroidered pink flamingos! Why be basic when you can be extra?
  1. Dare to dazzle

howtomakeglittersticktoyourface So we’ve let you in on a secret about how to get the festival hair you’ve always dreamed of, so why not glam it up? We sell an incredible product called Hair Dazzle which you can attach to your ¾ wig or clip-in hair extensions to make your hair sparkle all day long! If only we could have glitter hair every day.
  1. Lace bodysuits + shorts = a winning combo

howtolookglamatafestival Want a comfy yet wearable look? This season we’re all about lace bodysuits which are super sexy for just about any occasion. To get an edgy festival look we recommend teaming your chosen lace bodysuit with a pair of denim shorts, or if you’re wanting something ever more glam, then a PU skirt. Simply team with Converse or wellies depending on the weather for a killer look.
  1. It’s all about glitter goals

glitterboobs Isn’t covering yourself in glitter from head to toe one of the main reasons for attending a festival in the first place? We certainly think so anyway! We love the GlitterEyes range, which has a variety of chunky loose glitters, face jewels and even a Unicorn eyeshadow palette. Everything you could ever want to festival yourself up! If you’re a first timer when it comes to wearing glitter at a festival, then be sure to read our blog post, “How to apply glitter to your face” for all the information you’re going to need. Ready to be the most glam girl at the festival? Then head over to our festival category now for all the cutest festival looks going! Don’t forget to send us your #PBSELFIES if you looking unreal at all the festivals this summer.