How to Clip In Hair Extensions
Want bigger, bouncier hair, but don’t want the commitment (or have the funds!) to get a full head of hair extensions from the hairdresser? Then Hair Universe clip-in extensions are exactly what you’re looking for. If you’ve never used hair extensions before, you may be intrigued by how exactly they work, and how easy they are to wear and style.


                                                                                                  Luckily, PB girls are total pros and wearing hair extensions, so we’ve shared our useful tips below. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be able to take your glam goals to the next level for your next big event!     1.       Remove your Hair Universe clip-in extensions product from its packet and give it a quick brush through to ensure its looking its best. The clips are already pre-sewn meaning its super convenient. Put your hair into your usual parting. 2.       Style your hair to match the look of your natural hair extensions. For example, if you’ve bought a curly weft, add some curls to your hair, and if you’ve bought flicky think about adding a natural wave. Want a smooth and sleek straight look? Straighten your natural hair as usual, then follow suit with the hair extensions, ensuring that the heat being applied is not more than 180 degrees. 3.       Take the top section of your hair and section it off, using a clip or hair bobble to keep it off your face, making the whole process much easier. 4.       Starting with the middle clip on the hair extension and ensure that it is placed directly in the middle of your head. Clip this in place and ensure that it is secure. 5.       Repeat the same process with the rest of the clips, starting with the far-left and the far-right clips which should be close to the ear. 6.       Ensure that all clips are now secure and are sitting flat on the head. Reposition if necessary. 7.       Unclip the top section of your hair, allowing it to fall into place over the top of where your hair extensions are clipped in. 8.       Smooth your hair by giving it a quick brush. This will enable your hair extensions and natural hair to easily blend together. If there are any clips visible you may need to reposition the weft. 9.       If necessary, style your hair further to achieve a natural look. For example, if you’re using one of our curly wefts you may want to add some further curls to your hair. 10.   Pair with a killer outfit and be prepared to turn heads!     Found our tutorial useful? Then join us over on our YouTube channel for loads of ‘how to’ hair videos including “How to get Kim K’s sleek ponytail”, and “How to do a fishtail plait”. We’ve got 16 amazing hair shades available in our Hair Universe range, with a choice of clip-in ponytails, clip-in hair extensions and hair boosts, so take your pick!