How to Get Kim Kardashian's Sleek Ponytail
We love styling an outfit that offers boss babe vibes with a smooth and sleek ponytail. And when we think about boss babe vibes there’s only one gal that comes to mind, the ‘Qween’ Kim Kardashian. We all know she’s partial to the odd wig and hairpiece, so naturally, we always use Hair Universe clip-in ponytails and extensions when recreating her sleek ponytail look! To show you just how easy it is, we’ve created a ‘how to’ video below that’ll give you the Kim Kardashian ponytail of dreams!


  1. For this look, we’ve used a flicky weft. This gorgeous clip-in piece is perfect to add volume and length to your hair, whilst giving a really glam look. The weft contains a full head of hair weighing an amazing 220g, to create super big hair!
  2. Divide your hair in the middle.
  3. Take the top section of your hair and clip it up securely.
  4. Backcomb the roots of your hair so that it is easier for the clips to attach.
  5. Get your flicky weft and start with the middle clip. Clip it in securely. Then ensure the rest of the clips are secured until you’ve done both sides.
  6. Remove the clip and let the top section of your hair flow down over the weft. Smooth the hair over to ensure there are no bumps and no tracks showing.
  7. Using a hair elastic, loosely put your hair into a ponytail.
  8. Take a strand of hair from the bottom and loop it over the hair elastic so that it isn’t visible. Secure with a hair grip.
  9. And you’re done! Team with a killer outfit and get ready for an amazing night out.
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