The Emotions Everyone Goes Through on Cyber Weekend

It’s every shopper’s favourite weekend of the year! We’re totally over the pushing and shoving of trying to do Cyber Weekend in real life, it’s all about sitting back and chilling in our PJs and doing it all from the comfort of our phones. It’s THE ultimate add to basket moment! But even trying to take on Cyber Weekend onesie-clad can be emosh; we take a look at the whole host of emotions that are bound to happen on the fateful day.


Credit cards at the ready! Cyber Weekend is finally here with ALL of its unreal deals. Time to get your wish list open on your app and get one step closer to bagging your dream dress. This is what Christmas feels like to shopaholics!

Love at first sight

You’re taking a look through your fave site to ensure you haven’t missed anything, and you stumble upon the most INCRED dress you’ve ever seen, and OMG it’s HALF PRICE! Congrats, you’ve found the love of your life and this time it’s a sequin dress.


You’ve just seen a whole size of your favourite dress sell out in front of your eyes. It’s time to get your game face on! You’re running the race of getting this beaut added to basket and checked out before someone else snaps it up. GO, GO, GO.


You’ve managed to bag your dress, but those amaze shoes that were going to MAKE the outfit have gone. This is anger on another level!


YAS YAS YAS!! You’ve got what you wanted, and you’ve managed to get all the way through check out without getting put on a website queueing system or without anything going wrong. You’ve done it!


You’ve had the email to say that it’s been dispatched. IT’S ON ITS WAY BABE!! The next 2-3 working days will be the longest of your entire life until you hear the satisfying noise of your parcel landing on your doormat.

Feelin’ Yo’self

Your Cyber Weekend bargain has arrived, you’ve tried it on, and guess what you look like a million dollars! Time to make ALL the plans, because it’s time to go show this killer outfit off to the world! Looking for a Cyber Weekend bargain? Make sure you've downloaded our app to get some exclusive deals! Of course, don’t forget to keep an eye on what’s happening all weekend on Facebook and our lush website obvs!