Emotions Every Girl Experiences When Shopping Online
Whether you do it tucked up in bed, in the bath, or at your desk when you’re bored (we all do it, girls!), online shopping is a total thrill – and it’s even better when you’ve got the Pink Boutique app ready and waiting on your phone, right? But shopping online can be a rollercoaster of emotions, from the moment you start searching, to waiting for that huge haul to drop at your door. Let’s take a ride through the emotional rollercoaster we all experience when we’re online shopping. We need some retail therapy just thinking about it...


via GIPHY Whether it’s for a super special occasion, a summer holiday, or just ‘cause you deserve it, there’s nothing like having an excuse to ‘Treat yo’ self’ – so where do you begin?! You’ve got a world of fashion at your fingertips, and you’re ready to take it on!


via GIPHY Is there ever such a thing as too much choice? No, but when there are literally hundreds of gorge outfits to choose from on your fave site and you want them all, it starts to feel just a lil’ overwhelming. The struggle is real.


via GIPHY What’s worse than finding THE perfect dress for your Saturday night out…and then seeing that it’s sold out in your size? The early bird catches the glam, but at least there are plenty more dresses where that one came from!


via GIPHY It’s time to get serious. You’ve been browsing for at least an hour (or three), and it’s time to make some decisions. Your shopping basket’s looking pretty full, but sadly, your bank account isn’t…something’s gotta go!


via GIPHY We can’t lie, we’re British, and we absolutely love a bargain! The only thing better than finding a dreamy dress or perf playsuit is when there’s a discount on the price – which means you can afford to buy more, right?


via GIPHY Your online basket is bursting with fab styles, and the shoes to match, and all that’s left to do is check out. Well, there is just one more thing – how soon do you want your order to arrive? We give you tons of options at PB, including our style-saving Saturday delivery, so you can have your new garms right when you need them!


via GIPHY Waiting for the postie to show up is an emotional rollercoaster in itself. If you’re anything like us, you know your postman by name, which makes it even more heartbreaking when he doesn’t have a parcel for you. Maybe tomorrow…


via GIPHY IT’S HERE! Your order has finally arrived, but you’ve had it delivered to your office, which means you need to wait for the rest of the damn day to get home and try on your new buys. Roll on 5pm!


via GIPHY You’ve transformed your bedroom into your very own catwalk, and everything that you’ve bought is ON POINT. Sure, you’ve now got three Saturday night looks, but remember what we said about never having too much choice?


via GIPHY Some things are just too good to keep to yourself. It’s time to take a smoking-hot selfie in your fave new outfit and get those likes rolling in. Remember we love to see your PB styles, so don’t forget to tag us in your pics on Instagram!