Dogs You Need To Follow On Instagram

These pups live better than us!

We’re sure you follow a few influencers on your Instagram, but how many of them are dogs?

Fill your Instagram feed up with these cute and quirky pups that we’re sure will brighten your day.


This tiny Pomeranian boasts over 9 million followers.

Jiff spends his days chilling out in various stylish outfits and costumes.

He even has his own Jiffmojis!

Jiff Pom Instagram Post


An unusual beauty, Tuna the dog is a Chiweenie. This is a cross breed of a Dachshund and Chihuahua.

You can expect plenty of heart-warming content on Tuna’s instagram of him living his best life alongside his human sibling.

Tuna Melts My Heart InstagramDressed Up Dog and Baby


This super sweet Samoyed puppy is one of instagram’s best comedians.

Follow him for plenty of funny videos and motivational captions.

Just look at that 3-year transformation!

Maya Polar Bear InstagramFluffy White Dog Puppy


Definitely the coolest dog on the list, Manny the French Bulldog spends his days skateboarding and hanging out in the park.

He’s also an activist who spreads the word about keeping your dogs safe and healthy – what an all rounder!

French Bulldog On A SkateboardFrenchie Sunglasses


Possibly one of the most famous dogs in the world, Doug has been featured in films and music videos, has his face printed on cards and you can even buy a Doug the Pug teddy bear.

To top it all off, he has plenty of famous pals (Bieber is that you!?).

Doug The Pug and Justin Bieber Pug Puppy Face

Tell us which Instagram famous dogs you’re adding to your feed! @PinkBoutiqueUK on Twitter and Instagram.