Crushin' On: Daisey O'Donnell
The ultimate Queen of Instagram Daisey O’Donnell has to be one of our fav PB models. We absolutely love it every time she comes to PB HQ. She slays so hard on shoot and is such a babe to have around. We know that some of you aren’t as lucky as us to spend time with the mega babe herself, so we share five things we adore about the incredible Daisey O’Donnell.
    1. Her Soulful Singing Voice

Daisey often performs at events where she steals the show with her beautiful voice, and repeatably blows us away when she sings on Insta stories. Here’s a fact you might not have known, Daisey actually applied for the X Factor back in 2014 where she made it to the Bootcamp stage and performed at Wembley Arena. It’s definitely their loss! She really is multi-talented.

2. How She Slays with Sister Ellie

OMG it’s like our dream 🔥 Pornstar tree Hun xoxo

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Talk about double trouble! The O’Donnell sisters are some of the most slayin’ sisters you’ll ever find. They are absolutely goals and always turn heads when they’re together. Who can forget their infamous trip to Paris where they were FIRE If only we could have their amazing tans, lips, long luscious locks, the list goes on and on…

3. Her Amazing Style

Though she be but little, she is fierce 🐆

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Daisey is a true PB girl at heart, and she loves anything which is super cute and girly, and she’s a massive fan of our fav colour (pink obvs) too. Everything she wears is always reflective of her own, unique style, and she’s always on top of the trends. Even when she’s relaxing, her off-duty style is still perf. She must have the cutest selection of PJs we’ve ever seen.

4. Her Selfie Skills

Valentines came early 🙈 Heels @pinkboutiqueuk

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How flawless are all of Daisey’s photos? They are utter perfection! She knows where to find the best backdrops and has a special talent where she can instantly find her best angles (although every angle is totes gorge when it comes to Daisey!). It also helps that she is incred at makeup too and always has the best contour.

5. Her Super Cute Dog Gucci

When Daisey is at home, she’s normally joined at the hip with her cute little pupper. Being Daisey, her pet’s name also had to be goals, so of course, his name is Gucci. He is always perfectly accessorised with the most glam pet beds, toys and he even rocks a top knot from time to time. If you want to see more of this little babe, then why not follow him on Instagram @itsbabygucci.


Are you a massive Daisey O’Donnell fan too? Then keep checking back at Pink Boutique to see her feature in our amaze campaigns, new in products and slayin’ selfies over on Instagram. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t followed her yet on Instagram, make sure you do so now.