The Cringe Worthy Makeup Mistakes We All Made as Teenagers
Hey, we weren’t always perfectly contoured, glowed-up goddesses – we all made some pretty terrible makeup mistakes when we were teenagers, and we’ve got the photographic evidence to show for it! Let’s take a trip back in time with the embarrassing makeup mistakes that we ALL made when we were at school…because the cringe is still so, so real.

Over-plucked eyebrows

Before we discovered the wonders of HD Brows (and not to mention endless YouTube and Instagram tutorials), our eyebrows were way more freaky than fleeky. And for those of us whose eyebrows have never truly recovered from those hours in front of the mirror, there’s always microblading to turn to…

Glitter lip gloss

We adore glitter at Pink Boutique, but there’s a time and a place – and that place certainly isn’t on our lips! Glittery lip gloss was a must-have part of our makeup kit when we were teenagers, but now we’re saving it strictly for the lids and letting our sequin dresses do the talking - plus, ain’t nobody got time for having hair stuck to your gooey, glossy lips.

Spidery eyelashes

Spidery, clumpy, stuck-together eyelashes from seven coats of mascara – eeek! We know now that falsies are the only way to get those wow-worthy lashes, but in our teenage years, we still had so much to learn. You get bonus cringe points if your mascara was blue too.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Smearing foundation on our face that had the consistency of Angel Delight, and left a tide-mark that no amount of blending could fix – honestly girls, what were we thinking? Dream Matte Mousse was novel at the time, but now we’ve discovered the magic of Beauty Blenders and Mac, and we’re never going back.

Too much bronzer

If you think you made it through your teens without looking like you’d been Tangoed at least once, then sorry, but we don’t believe you! Before contouring powder and quality fake tan came into our lives, we had to rely upon bronzer to tan up our teen skin for a prom or party look – but glancing back at the photos, we wish we’d just stayed pale and interesting.

Using sponge applicators, rather than brushes

Has anyone ever achieved blending perfection from those stubby sponge applicators that come with eyeshadows? We certainly haven’t, and we most definitely didn’t when we were teens. It’s a good thing we didn’t have Instagram back then, because we would have had ZERO likes on our #FOTD makeup selfies.

Smudgy black kohl eyeliner

We listened to Avril Lavigne once, and before we knew it, we were smearing black kohl eyeliner around our eyes like it was going out of fashion (and it really, really should have been). We went through a lot to achieve the on-point winged eyeliner we have these days. We deserve it!

Electric blue eyeshadow

Our teenage makeup bag was never complete without a vivid blue eyeshadow palette, and we can’t lie, we loved it at the time. But caking it on up to our eyebrows was never gonna be a good look, and like all those other teenage makeup mistakes, we’ve left the cobalt blue lids where they belong – in the past, and are sticking strictly to filling our wardrobe with beaut blue shades instead!