Can You Style Synthetic Hair Extensions?
If you have any of our lush Hair Universe extensions, which are made from high-quality synthetic hair, you may be wondering can you style synthetic hair extensions? We understand that a girl wants to change up her look to match an outfit or occasion, so we share all the information you need to know on how to style synthetic hair extensions below.

Can Hair Universe Extensions Be Styled?

The answer is yes, as long as you are considerate of the temperature when using either straighteners or curling tongs. Our hair extensions come in two types, either a curly or flicky weft. Our curly wefts are full of beautiful curls meaning that all the work has been done for you. All you need to do is clip it in and go! If you just love curls, you can, of course, add some more using your curling tongs. Our flicky weft looks like you’ve just had a blow dry, giving you a bit of bounce to your sleek style. However, if you’d like to have it fully straightened you can do so using your favourite styling tool.

Can Heat Be Applied to Synthetic Hair Extensions?

We recommend using heat up to 180 degrees on our synthetic hair extensions. Using heat any hotter than this could possibly damage your hair extensions so always keep a close eye on how hot your straighteners or curling tongs are. Our hair is made with the latest natural fibre technology to give a ‘real hair’ effect so treat it like you’d treat your own hair.

Can I Wash Synthetic Hair Extensions?

If you’d like to give your hair extensions a quick wash to have it smelling fresh then you can easily do so. We recommend hand washing them in warm water and then leaving the extensions to hang dry. Our hair has intelligent memory, meaning that after a wash it will revert back to how it was originally styled. This is a great time saver; you won’t have to start from scratch to get the amazing bounce which our curly extensions have to offer.

Can You Tell That Extensions Are Synthetic Hair?

Our hair is made with the latest natural fibre technology to give a ‘real hair’ effect so it’s really hard to tell that your extensions aren’t real hair. This means it’s a much more sustainable option and is easier on the bank balance than buying some human hair extensions. Trust us, you’ll be having the best hair day of your life wearing our Hair Universe extensions!

How Do I Know Which Shade Is Right for Me?

Ponytail Hair Extensions
We understand that it can be difficult to determine which hair shade is a perfect match. That’s why our Customer Care angels offer a free colour match service! All you need to do is send them a DM via Instagram or Facebook, along with a recent photo of your hair and they’ll be able to recommend the right colour for you. We’ve got 16 gorgeous shades to choose from at Hair Universe meaning that there’s an option for everyone. If you’re still not happy with your shade of extensions, simply return them to us within 14 days and we’ll offer you a full refund. Just make sure that they are still attached to the card they arrived on. Want to find out more about our synthetic hair extension range? Then browse our full selection here. If you’re not ready to buy yet, then you might find our blog post on “How to Clip-in Hair Extensions” useful if you’re wondering how they work. Join us over on our YouTube channel too for loads of ‘how to’ hair videos including “How to get Kim K’s sleek ponytail”, and “How to do a fishtail plait”.