A Magical Unicorn Beach Exists and We Need to Go Now
We’ve been super excited ever since we heard that there was a unicorn themed beach club because quite simply, it’s what our summer dreams are made of. With Unicorn Day well and truly celebrated, it seems like sunbathing on a beach surrounded by all things unicorn is our natural next step in order for us to be living our best lives. So, having done some major Instagram stalking here’s everything that we know about unicorn beach so far.

Where is Unicorn Beach?

We were wishing that unicorn beach was a little bit closer to home so we could go like EVERY weekend, however, the amazing Inflatable Island as it is known is located on Subic Bay waters in the Philippines.

Are There Unicorn Inflatables There?


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It was the beautiful pink and purple themed beach that first caught our attention, so we were even more excited when we discovered that there is a full-on inflatable assault course. It starts with a rainbow walk and has very appealing sounding creatures to jump around on, known fondly as Baba’s super slide (the giant unicorn), the wavy dinosaur and Climby the Seaunicorn. You can also find flamingo and unicorn inflatables to kick back and relax in should you want a less active experience at the floating zoo.

How Big is the Unicorn Inflatable Island?


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At 3,400 sqm, it's as big as 8 basketball courts put together side by side. It contains inflatables slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings and so much more! In fact, it’s got so many inflatables, it’s proud to be the biggest floating playground in Asia!

Thinking of Going?

If you’re planning on going on a once in a lifetime experience to unicorn beach then you can easily fly to Manila from a number of UK airports and there are plenty of hotels available in the local area. You can find the full list of the recommended hotels here.

Already Booked Your Holiday?


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If you’ve already booked your vay-cay and are counting down the days to departure, then unicorn beach is defo one to put at the top of your wish list for next year. Fret not though, if you’re going to Ibiza, Marbs, Dubai or Las Vegas we’ve compiled a list of the most glam beach clubs, which you’ll 100% want to visit this summer. Read our blog post, 5 of the Most Glam Beach Clubs We Can’t Wait to Visit This Summer to find out our top picks! If you want to see more photos of the beautiful unicorn island then give them a follow on Insta @inflatableisland to see the most gorge beach ever! Also, keep checking our new in section all summer long for the ultimate summer wardrobe as it drops every single day!