8 Style Lessons as told by Cher from Clueless
Clueless is one of our all-time favourite movies, so naturally Cher Horowitz, the ultimate shopaholic, brings us all the inspo we could ever need. It may have been over 20 years since the movie graced our screens, but her famous quotes and iconic outfits still bring all the sass you could ever need. And when it came to shopping, Cher certainly knew what she was doing. Read below for our compilation of everything that our gorge girl taught us about retail therapy.
    1. Co-ords never go out of style

via GIPHY When we think about Cher and her bae Dion, we instantly think about matching two pieces. The bright yellow set that Cher rocks would brighten up just about any day and we love how Dion has gone for black, white and bright in her ensemble complete with red jumper.
    1. Plaid is perfection


via GIPHY Cher’s favourite print is obviously plaid, she even rocked it when she was showing everyone up at school. The flirty skirts are the cutest, especially when layered up with a jumper and shirt.
    1. Little red dresses are the one

via GIPHY Cher turns all the heads when she attends the house party and is it any surprise in THAT little red dress she is wearing?! Move over little black dress, we’re ready to dazzle in red!
    1. It’s all about outfit planning

via GIPHY Hands up, who still wants Cher’s virtual wardrobe? Even after all these years, nothing has come close to how amaze it is! Cher knows it’s all about picking out your killer outfit in advance to slay all day.
    1. Your boyfriend should never dress better than you

via GIPHY Cher famously said, “He does dress better than I do. What would I bring to the relationship?”. We’re all about being couple goals, but we like to be the centre of attention when out with bae.
    1. Sometimes you have to show a little skin

via GIPHY Our Saturday night motto. We’re all about the mini and plunge when it comes to a big night out so we’ll take those wise words on board Cher!
    1. Makeovers are always a good idea

via GIPHY Any excuse for a new look and we’re there! There’s nothing better than a wardrobe refresh, and if it means getting a fresh set of extensions and nails then we’re even keener.
    1. There is nothing wrong with being picky

via GIPHY “I’m not a prude, I’m just highly selective”, words to live by, both when you're browsing on Tinder and when doing your online shopping. Feeling inspired by shopping queen Cher? We’ve got cute co-ords, day dresses fluffy high heels and handbags galore that’ll give you all the Clueless vibes!