5 Times the Badura Twins Were the Ultimate Sass Queens
Klaudia Badura & Laura Badura are twin goals. The iconic Instagram duo are always perfectly preened and they look amaze in every single outfit they wear. Their lavish lifestyle makes us feel jel every time we’re scrollin’ through Insta; if only we could spend our time between London and Dubai too. We were lucky enough to have the Badura twins model for our latest collection, and didn’t they look like total babes! Join us as we celebrate our fav slayin’ sisters.  

1. They know how to rock a dark lip

When it comes to this time of the year, there’s only one shade of lipstick we’re wearing! The Badura twins look beaut with a burgundy lip. They are all the inspo we need for our autumn makeup.  

2. That highlight though

Speaking of makeup inspo, the Badura twins’ highlight is brighter than our future! They know exactly how to make sure the light hits them in all the right places, which we all know is the key to the perfect selfie.  

3. Their holiday pics are next level


😎😎 #mydubai #twins #beach #sun

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No matter how many pics our Instagram husbands take of us, our holiday pics NEVER look this good! These photos make us want to book our next hol ASAP.  

4. They know how to shop


Shopping time 👯 #baduratwins #shopping #twins #selfridges

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  Their wardrobe is to die for! Whether they’re wearing bandage dresses for a big night out, long, flowing maxis, or jeans, a biker jacket and heels for a casj-glam look they are always channelling Kim K for a sleek, polished look. We’d love to join them for a shopping day!  

5. They take the ultimate selfie


Nude or Red #baduratwins #ootn #style #glam

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Teach us your secrets please?! EVERY single photo they share is always on point. We may not have our own photographer following us around, but if our selfies were even a tenth as good as these we’d be very happy girls. If you’ve fallen in love with the Badura’s as much as we have, take a look at their Instagrams @laurabadura @klaudiabadura @thebaduratwins, and don’t forget to see them model for us here.  
Badura Twins