5 Things to Always Have in Your Bag on a Night Out

That Friday feelin’ is fast approaching and you’re feelin’ fine with your fresh fake tan, newly-washed hair and manicured nails. You think you’re on the road to slaying your Saturday night out but are you really that prepared? You best read up on PB’s essential guide to the 5 things to always have in your bag on a night out. 



It is an unwritten rule to never bring your debit card on a night out. Fail to stick to this rule and you WILL wake up to an absolute scene of a bank statement. It seems that a debit card attracts lots of new friends that you just have to buy a drink for! Stay savvy, keep that cash for online shopping.



That immaculate Ruby Woo lip will not withstand the antics you and your girls have planned. You’re best off packing a top-up to keep things looking instagrammable. Smudged lips aren’t the vibe you’re going for. If things are heading south, switch it up for a barely-there nude that will hide a variety of prosecco related sins.

Flip Flops/Plasters


Let’s keep this 100% real. Once past the midnight mark, those heels are coming off if we’re really going to be able to dance the night away! Check our flats section for a fashionable alternative to keep in your bag, and you’ll still look slayin’. You could meet your very own Tom Hardy that night, let’s keep our glam game strong unless you want to be the next internet sensation wearing McDonald’s bags as shoes at 3am…

Eyelash Glue


Don’t get caught off guard when your vision becomes obstructed by half a false eyelash; prepare for the inevitable. Eyelash glue will help you keep your lashes together when your life isn’t.

Setting Spray


‘Hold setting spray 8 inches away from the face and spray 2 to 4 times’ or in other words, start spraying and don’t stop spraying. We love Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray which comes in a travel-friendly 30ml bottle perfect for your clutch. This skin-friendly hair spray for the face is life-changing. Afterall, it’s called All Nighter for a reason!

Now that you’re all prepped, visit our unreal Party Shop to nail your night time get-up. We’ve even got Shoes and a Bag to match. There’s party ready and then there’s Pink Boutique ready! Got a big night out coming out? Then you’re going to need to read our blog posts, “How to wear a jumpsuit on a night out” and “The 5 types of men you meet on a night out” to get you in the party spirit.