5 Things That Every Girl Who Grew Up Playing with Barbies Did
Who misses the days of playing with their Barbies? There was literally nothing better! Barbie has always been a bit of an inspiration for us PB girls. Even now we’re mega jealous of her amazing lifestyle, incred dream house and her endless number of outfits. If you were a big Barbie fan too, join us as we reminisce about all the things you’re bound to have done when you were little.
    1. You made them become involuntary nudists

via GIPHY Whether your Barbies liked it or not, you whipped off their clothes and they all had a jolly good time together in their plasticky birthday suits. No matter how modest your Barbie was, they had no choice but to bare all.
    1. You gave her a questionable makeover with crayons

via GIPHY Although Barbie already had the most on fleek make-up you can ever imagine, as a budding young glamazon, you always knew you could take her look up a notch. Forget about Huda lip kits and Naked palettes, all you needed was a set of Crayola crayons.
    1. You let loose on her locks with the scissors

via GIPHY A makeover with make-up was not enough; there’s no way you could have left it there. Now and again you thought that Barbie’s long, luscious locks (that you’d quite willingly splash the cash on recreating with pricey hair extensions to replicate today) needed a short back and sides using your cutting and sticking scissors because she was worth it.
    1. You held a hot tub party for the whole Barbie squad

via GIPHY After you’d stripped down your Barbie crew, it was time for them to skinny dip in the sink! They’d all get a good wash down, but they’d very rarely get dried properly meaning that they sometimes smelt quite questionable afterward…
    1. You created a soap opera worthy storyline for her life

via GIPHY Who needed the internet when you could create the world’s best drama in your own bedroom? There was always a scandal in our Barbie plotlines, and you can bet your bottom dollar that she definitely gave Ken the boot as soon as you got a new male doll. Aladdin, you were the ultimate womaniser of the doll world! Love Barbies as much as we do? Then you’re going to fall head over heels with our new doll inspired campaign, celebrating all things girly and pink! It’s live for a limited time only, so don’t miss your chance to shop it here.