20 Relatable Memes for When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

When you’re single, Valentine’s day can seem like a real pain in the backside.

Couples everywhere, PDA and tempting chocolate in every shop can be a bit much.

Plus, we’re sure a few of you will have received the yearly “I miss you” text from your ex right around now.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, being single for Valentine’s can be great! You can spend time with your gal pals or enjoy a night in having some me time.

So single ladies, relax, and check out these memes that perfectly describe our single Valentine’s day vibes. 

When you won't let being single stop you from treating yo' self:

Single Valentines Day Meme

Some of us can't work out why we're still single:

Relationship status: Single

I'm in denial:

At least Snapchat loves us:

Just you wait till next year:

Future Boyfriend Meme

The true meaning of Valentine's Day:

When there's no hope for your love life:

Single Forever Meme

I'm a catch...:

Single and smart:

When you're loving the single life:

Love is in the air meme

When you're single but love romantic films:

When you're in a relationship with food:

Relationship with food meme

Mood all Valentine's:

Still single meme

When your family starts asking you if you have a partner yet:

No love life meme

Why I won't be dating this Valentine's:

Single Forever Meme

What do you mean they're allowed on the furniture?:

What to do with a boyfriend meme

Single and sick of your s**t:

It's me, myself and I this year:

Single meme

Picky? Me? Never!:

I want a man meme

Same again next year?:

Happy Valentine's Day to all you single gals out there!

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